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    Private Kowalski

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    A character seen in Fallout: New Vegas. He stands beside the memorial in Boulder City.

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    Private Kowalski is a soldier in the NCR and can be found in Boulder City right beside the First Battle of Hoover Dam Memorial. When the courier engages in conversation with Kowalski,he states that his brother Donald Kowalski died trying to save the wounded in the first battle for Hoover Dam. Kowalski came to the memorial to pay his respect before heading back home to see his family in California.

    Involved Quests

    Defacing the Humble Stone

    If the courier starts opening fire or in some way damaging the war memorial,Private Kowalski will talk to the courier sounding very pissed off. If the courier replies with "Yeah, Whatever." or "You're little bitch and your brother was, too" Private Kowalski will turn hostile. If the courier passes a level 30 speech check, Kowalski will forgive the courier. If you continue to destroy the memorial after the speech check, Kowalski will do nothing.


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