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    Pro Cycling Manager: Season 2009

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jun 18, 2009

    The ninth version of the Cycling Manager franchise. Manage a professional cycling team over a complete season.

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    Pro Cycling Manger (PCM) is back for its ninth installment on the PC. PCM 2009 promises to be the best game in the franchise, with improvements to almost every aspect of the game. Updated career mode, improved A.I., more realistic graphics and more.


    For the first time I PCM you can create your own professional cycling team from scratch. The AI managers are now better and more realistic, when it comes to strategy, finance and rider transfers. Participate in the real 2009 versions of the Tour de France and Vuelta a España and 178 other races.


    PCM 09 will feature a new and more ergonomic game interface for better handling of the overall strategy and individual rider assignments. The in-game racing A.I. has been improved for more realistic behaviors from the competitive teams and riders.

    In game screenshot, with the new menu.
    In game screenshot, with the new menu.

    Track cycling
    Last year’s new feature, Track cycling, has been updated with four new modes:

    • Scratch race
    • Flying 200m time trial
    • Point race
    • Omnium

    Play together with up to 20 other players over the internet or on LAN. Multiplayer mode includes:

    • Single Race
    • Tour
    • Season
    • Track events


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