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    Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

    Game » consists of 10 releases. Released Nov 11, 2008

    Pro Evolution Soccer has been the mainstay of many a hardcore gamers with it's focus of game play and customization, particular popular in Asia and Western Europe where it has built a fanatical base of devoted editors and players alike.

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    Being one of the longest running games along side EA's FIFA series, PES has been the major and most successful competition. Starting as ISS (International Superstar Soccer) way back on the NES the game turned its back on the arcade style and adopted a realistic view that appealed to hardcore football fans. Argentinian forward Lionel Messi has been announced as the cover athlete for the game.

    This will be the second outing on the PS3 and third on the X360. PES2008 was view to many fans as half a game as it felt unfinished and unpolished which was very unlike the other games in the series. PES2009 though sets out to be different, creator Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka has revealed that he's gone back to the drawing board for PES 2009 making sure that this instalment is true to the series.

    Another great bit of news is that Master League teams will be usable online and a much improved editing system that allows for imports of images and sounds.


    Gameplay for Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 has been improved from last years iteration. The "Team vision" AI system has been improved, better of the ball movement such as running into space to recieve a pass and the game and better ball movements. PES2009 has new air resistance calculations for the trajectory of the ball. The ground condition also impacts the gameplay. There is also friction calculations to affect the balls movement in terms of ground conditions, backspin routines are calculated which allows the ball to slow down realistically and the balls bounce on the ground is improved. There is a new manual passing system and a new off the ball movement system that allows you to run into space while the AI takes control and then finds the pass once you are in space. Slowdown has been removed in matches and replays.

    There is also the inclusion of "Become a Legend" mode which will allow you to take control of one player in a team. This changes the way you play the game and you will have to work hard to "become a legend".
    Control One Player and Earn Points
    Control One Player and Earn Points

    Be a Legend mode

    Be a legend mode makes its first return to the Konami franchise since making its début on the Japanese only release of Winning Eleven 2007 under the name of fantasia mode. It required you to take control of a singel player on the pitch much like Fifa 08 be a pro mode. This years release enables you to choose between a from a range of positions such as SMF, AMF, CMF, SS or a CF. Defenders and goalkeepers have not yet been confirmed. After selecting a position you are then required to create your players appearance from an extensive editing mode which allows you to scan a  JPEG portrait of yourself into the game, as well as the regular editing tools or just using a default character. The way be a legend mode has you progress through the game is by starting out in the youth system of a team at the age of 17 which consists of playing a series of friendlies with your senior squad as well as other teams. How you're performances are will dictate how quickly  you will  progressing to the bench on your way to the senior team. whilst on the bench you are simply given the task of  sitting aside  for several games waiting for your coach to give you your chance to shine. During the season you will acquire

    skill points that are used to enhance your players kicking technique, dribbling technique, balance, power, stamnia and speed. The amount of skill points you obtain are determined by your performances on the pitch.

    Licensed Content


    Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 have obtained the rights to the UEFA Champions League for the next 4 years. Manchester United and Liverpool are going to be fully licensed in PES2009. The only teams in the FA Premier League to be licensed.


    Konami have agreed a three year deal that allows them to have Wembley Stadium to feature in the game. There is no official word on the other stadiums involved in the game.


    Konami have acquired the rights from Adidas, Nike and Puma allowing their boots to feature in Pro Evolution Soccer 2009.

    Licensed Teams

    Club Brugge
    Standard Liège
    Dinamo Zagreb
    Republic Slavia Prague
    Manchester United
    HJK Helsinki
    AEK Athens
    CFR Cluj
    Steaua Bucureşti
    Spartak Moscow
    Zenit St. Petersburg
    Red Star Belgrade
    Athletic Bilbao
    Atlético Madrid
    FC Barcelona
    Deportivo La Coruña
    Racing Santander
    Real Madrid
    Real Valladolid
    Dynamo Kyiv
    Shakhtar Donetsk
    Sporting CP
    Boca Juniors
    River Plate


    A demo was released on Ocotber 2nd for the PC, Xbox Live and PSN. In the demo you can only play a five minute exhibition game. There is 6 teams to choose from; Man Utd, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcalona, Italy and France. After each game it plays a short video showing you the Become a Legend and Online Legends modes.
    PES 2009 Cover Featuring Lionel Messi
    PES 2009 Cover Featuring Lionel Messi

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