So Konami released a trailer for Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 and I've come to a realisation.

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The cost of the UEFA license equates to licensing seven extra leagues. Top flights of Russia, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland and Scotland are all new to the series. Meanwhile, Portugal and Argentina's top divisions get licensed treatment.

So, for the sake of calling Europe's top club competitions a fake name, we're going to see in excess of 100 new playable club teams. Have Konami actually done something canny on their part or should we still be worried about the future of this franchise? Were they outbid for the UEFA license or did they just drop it so they could spend the money elsewhere?

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That's a shame, because I thought PES had the better gameplay, but FIFA is a juggernaut in this arena. I'm guessing that PES no longer brought in the numbers to justify a new licensing contract.

Then again it reminds me of when the NFL let various game devs have their licenses for real teams/players in the 90s and early 2000s, until ESPN NFL 2K5 showed up Madden 2005. EA retaliated by getting exclusive rights to the NFL, and 2K Sports couldn't launch another football game. They did successfully retaliate by kicking EA out of the NBA games for a while after that.

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It's weird how it's been reported because you get some outlets saying they lost the license, others saying Konami dropped it and the official UEFA statement making it sound mutual. I can't imagine UEFA rights go to a bidding process on the basis that Konami have had it for a decade. To me, it seems like Konami deciding they'd rather spend the money for the license elsewhere. I'd take a bigger team and player counter over tournament licensing and that's what we're getting.

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Maybe with EA getting into the Journey stuff with Alex Hunter, not having that Champions League licence felt like a glaring hole in the storyline? I can see that being a reason to decide to challenge Konami for that license for the first time in a decade. Or is the journey not a thing anymore in FIFA 19? Trailers feature real players instead. Like the CL League licence is hardly interesting, unless its a major plotpoint of your storymode.

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I think the fact they led with Champions League footage means The Journey's over and done with.

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None of the leagues theyve got licences for are that big a deal. UEFA Champions League on the other hand is a big deal in all european markets

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But that's not the thing keeping people away from FIFA or bringing them to PES. I'm sure the presentation will be nice until you hear all of Martin Tyler and Alan Smith's lines inside an hour. For comparison's sake, here's how the two games currently present Europe's top table.

Loading Video...

I'm not sure if that massive stadium was part of the deal. I really, really hate how they drag opera singers out for the finals, mind. It used to really make the hairs on my neck stand up but they roll singers out to add words to it. One of Handel's most recognisable compositions murdered by marketing.

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