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    Pro Wrestling

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Oct 13, 1986

    Nintendo's Pro Wrestling assembles a cast of wild characters and throws them into the squared circle for combat.

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    The first professional wrestling game released on the Nintendo Entertainment System, Pro Wrestling is notable for many of the innovations it made to the wrestling game genre. The game featured one of the earliest in-ring referees, notable for actually moving into position to make counts, as well as the first instance of a camera man in a wrestling game. Pro Wrestling was also notable for being among the first wrestling games to feature unique wrestler movesets, with each grappler featuring at least one signature manuever.


    Pro Wrestling's roster consisted of seven wrestlers, with six playable and one boss character. Normal single player gameplay consisted of playing a series of five matches before confronting the V.W.A. champion, King Slender, in a title match. However, when playing as Slender, Great Panther serves as the champion boss. Upon winning the title, the second stage of gameplay consists of defending the title ten times before facing V.W.F. champion Great Puma in an interpromotional match to crown the undisputed wrestling champion and end the game. Two player gameplay consisted of one-on-one matches, each being the best of three falls.


    Fighter Hayabusa, nicknamed the invincible warrior, his special move is the Back Brain Kick.

    Starman, wearing a bright pink jumpsuit with a blue star over his face, Starman is nicknamed the Super-Space Traveler. He has two special moves, the somersault kick and the flying cross chop.

    Kin Corn Karn, featuring an oddly purple goatee in his picture, King Corn Karn is nicknamed a Living Karate Tool. His special moves are the Karate Kick and the Mongolian Chop.

    Giant Panther, an absurdly tan man who is also known as the Ultimate Human Weapon, which as close to Ultimate Warrior as one can get without being sued. His special moves are the Iron Claw and the Head Butt.

    The Amazon, who invented the crazy green guy niche long before Blanka ever came around. This Half Man Half Piranha sports the Piranha Bite and the Outlaw Choke as his specials, and even has the courtesy to deny any illegal moves to the ref every time he does them.

    King Slender , who looks frighteningly similar to a blond Andre the Giant also goes by Cold Blooded Warrior Jr. A man this large and fearsome only needs one special move, and his is the Backbreaker.

    Great Puma, a man of great mystery, and that's not just including his oddly white face. The Perfect Warrior, he has no special move of his own, because he can use any and all of his opponents.


    Pro Wrestling is notable for introducing the world to the famously mistranslated "A WINNER IS YOU" after each victory. The phrase has gone on to become a famous internet meme, being reference elsewhere in popular culture.

    Great Puma is often considered one of the most difficult NES final bosses, due to his ability to utilize the signature moves of every other wrestler on the roster.

    Fighter Hayabusa and King Slender are thought to be modelled after real-life wrestlers Antonio Inoki and Ric Flair, respectively.


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