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Probability 0 is an infinitely scrolling vertical platformer. Incorporating rogue-like elements, the player descends into random-generated collections of blocks and enemies. The player can take some hits but dies easily, and can shoot a limited number of star projectiles below itself when in the air. It also has a punch attack that only works while standing on a surface.

By collecting power-ups dropped by defeated enemies, the player unlocks new abilities such as firing horizontal projectiles, surviving longer drops, and being able to damage enemies by landing on them.

Throughout the game, random phrases about probability are rapidly displayed near the top of the screen (for example: "Futures in which you see your family again"). These probabilities get smaller as the player gets closer to death, and become 0 when the player eventually succumbs. Death is permanent - all progress is lost, and the player can start a new session immediately.

The game is rumoured to be littered with secrets.

The game is currently available for both PC and Mac.

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