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    Profanity in the Title

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    Game names that include swear words.

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    Rather than exclusively having game content or characters swear like sailors, these games apply curse words into their titles.

    This could be to make an attention drawing title or even as simple as the source material for the game being called "Bastard!!", regardless it is much more common in PC game releases.

    Having terms like this in the title can lead to games needing to have their title be changed for a foreign or console release like Bombing Bastards which was renamed at Sony's request to Bombing Busters despite having the same name on other platforms like the Wii U. Another case is the Stealth Inc. series which initially started with a PC game called Stealth Bastard: Tactical Espionage Arsehole, it appears that the renaming to Stealth Inc. exclusively for the PlayStation platform led to the IP changing its name to reach a wider audience.

    Sony doesn't appear to have this limitation as of October 2016 as A Bastard's Tale released without any issue.


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