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    Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Aug 24, 2009

    The second adventure for Professor Hershel Layton and his helpful assistant Luke. They must solve riddles to reveal the mystery surrounding a box that seemingly kills whoever opens it. In Europe, the game was released as "Professor Layton and Pandora's Box"

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    a prime example of Layton's beautiful art style
    a prime example of Layton's beautiful art style

    ...and yet another!
    ...and yet another!

    Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box is the 2nd game in the Professor Layton series created by Level-5. Unsurprisingly, since this game has already sold almost a million copies in Japan, a 3rd title has since been released. This one still features our heroes from Curious Village, Professor Layton and Luke, traveling by train trying to solve mysterious murders that surround a cursed box.


    Professor Layton receives a letter from his mentor, Dr. Andrew Schrader, explaining Schrader's lifelong search for the mysterious Elysian Box, said to kill any who open it. After all these years, the Box is finally in Schrader's possession, and despite the legends, he can't resist opening the box himself. He asks Layton to continue his research if anything happens to him. By the time Professor Layton and Luke, Layton's own protege, reach Schrader's apartment, he's already dead. Was it the Elysian Box, or something... else? Their only clue, a train ticket for the Molentary Express, which is where the adventure truly begins.

    The game starts of with Layton and Luke boarding the Molentary Express train in a French station being followed by a mysterious cloaked figure. Inside the luxurious wagon Luke and Layton discuss if the Elysian Box really kills despite seeing it happen themselves.

    Prologue: The Elysian Box

    A few days prior to boarding the Molentary Express Layton received a letter from his mentor, Dr. Andrew Schrader, explaining Schrader's lifelong search for the mysterious Elysian Box, said to kill any who open it. After all these years, the Box is finally in Schrader's possession, and despite the legends, he can't resist opening the box himself. He asks Layton to continue his research if anything happens to him. Observing the post stamp Layton come up with the conclusion that the letter has been send two days ago and decides to go and check on Schrader in his London flat. By the time Professor Layton and Luke, Layton's own protege, reach Schrader's apartment, he's already dead.

    Upon discovering Schrader's body Layton find a blank ticket for the Molentary Express. After layton notified the police inspector Chelmey arrives at the flat along with a fellow officer. Luke upon noticing that it is Chelmey jumps him thinking it is Don Paolo from the mysterious Village in disguise once again. Layton quickly notices that this is the real inspector Chelmey they are dealing with and apologies on Luke's behalf for the confusion and introduces himself and Luke. Chelmey quickly comes up with a "definitive" conclusion that since the door was locked Schrader must have died due to a hearth attack however Layton and Luke unsatisfied with Chelmey's detective deduction point out the oddities of the flat like the scaled down Kronosaurus skeleton upon which Chelsey modifies his theory that Schrader died due to a scare caused by the skeleton when turning on the lights. Layton then points out that another element in the room is odd and lets Luke look for it. One of the curtains of the room is ripped off. When Luke checks out the open windows he notices that someone tied the curtain to the window in order to escape from the flat.

    Luke then also notices that Schrader is holding something in his hand, a torn up photograph. Before Layton can examine it Chelsey confiscates the evidence for police research and removes Layton and Luke from the flat. Layton decides that for now the only thing they can do is to follow their only lead and take a trip on the Molentary Express.

    Chapter 1:The Legendary Molentary Express

    Professor Layton and Luke board the Molentary Express following their established clues to find the Elysian Box and discover its secrets. They explore the train trying to find anything they can to help them in their quest. A bit later dinner is available in the dining car, when Professor Layton and Luke go to the car an indignant Babette whines her way into a table before they can even sit down. They then go to the back of the train to wait for a table to open up. On the way the meet the Chef who they discover has been hiding a hamster in the kitchen. The Chef decides to give it to Luke believing that they will be able to give him a good life and he will be able to keep his job safely. They also meet Mr. Beluga, the owner of the train, who seems nice on the surface but yells at his staff for the most minor mistakes. There also seems to be a mystery figure following Professor Layton and Luke around the train. After a while at the back of the train they head back to the dining car and finally get a table. Once they finish their meal, they head back towards the their car. On the way they find Inspector Chelmey who appears to be on the same path that the Professor is on. The Inspector informs them that someone has apparently lost a child named Tom on the train. However, the no details could be gotten out of the supposed parent of that child as all she can manage to say is to find Tom.

    The Professor and Luke decide to help out in the search for Tom. Inspector Chelmey also has one of Tom's shoes which he gives to the Professor to aid in the search. However, the shoe is strangely small Luke doubts it could fit any child near his age. In their search of the train they find Tom's hat, and another shoe. Then they find a third shoe and Luke is dumbfounded, Tom is actually Babette's dog. Shortly afterward the mystery figure following them is found out. It was Flora Reinhold and she has Tom. They then return Tom to Babette. Something goes wrong with the train and they make an emergency stop for repairs in the town of Dropstone, that just so happens to be holding its 50th anniversary festival.

    Chapter 2: The Country Village of Dropstone

    Having almost nothing else to do but wait for the train to take off again, Professor Layton and company head out to explore the festivities. Along the way they hear about Mr. Anderson, the wealthiest man in town, who had at some point gone looking for the Elyisian box. In their search for Mr. Anderson they run into Inspector Chelmey again who had heard the same of Mr. Anderson and went off to his mansion to question him about it. They also hear that Mr. Anderson's daughter is leaving town for unknown reasons and that he does not want her to leave at all. Supposedly her leaving Dropstone has something to do with her Grandmother's will. Once they have exhausted all possibilities in their search for Mr. Anderson they head to the cow judging competition where they sort out whose cow is whose between some townsfolk. They find Mr. Anderson afterwords who tells them to give up on finding the box and that all searching for the box will get them is misery and woe. He also tells them that Katia is going out on the Molentary express and requests that the Professor ask Katia to give up on completing her grandmother's final request and return home to him.

    They then head back towards the train, feeling that they have wasted enough time in Dropstone. Along the way Flora unbeknown to Professor Layton and Luke Don Paolo has been following them and he kidnaps Flora. Disguising himself as her he rejoins them and they head to the train. The Professor and Luke barely notice Flora acting any differently as they board the train. However just before they board they notice some sort of commotion going on about the train. Katia is saying her good-byes to the townsfolk before boarding the train. Once everyone has boarded the train takes off yet again.

    Chapter 3: A Diverging Path

    Still clueless to Flora's kidnapping Layton, Luke and "Flora" continue exploring the train, attempting to find the connection between the train and the Elysian Box. After talking to the crew of the train they discover something odd goes on in the Deluxe car of the train. They make their way into the Deluxe car of the train and begin investigating. While searching the car Sammy Thunder asks them to help him place flowers in the deluxe car in order that the scent spreads to the whole car. Shortly thereafter they all begin to feel sleepy and proceed to fall asleep. When they awake they find examine their ticket discovering they are on their way to a town called Folsense. Once the train arrives they see some pictures of the town they have apparently arrived in. Strangely the entire town's lights are out, but almost immediately upon exiting the station the entire town lights up.

    Chapter 4: The Phantom Town of Folsense

    Chapter 5: Shadows of the Street Corner


    Chapter 6: The Road to Herzen Castle


    Chapter 7: An Encounter at the End of the Line



    The Professor's Trunk

    Returning from Professor Layton and the Curious Village, the trunk contains 4 new features: Old Diary, Camera, Hamster and Tea Set. Similar to the first game, you'll solve puzzles in the main game to unlock pieces which solve or enhance the experience you'll have in each of these little segments.

    • Old Diary

    This is found in the town of Folsense shortly after arriving there. Unlike the Other items in the bottom row of Professor Layton's trunk the old diary is not a mini game. The old diary is meant to provide insight into the character Anthony who is met in the last couple chapters in the game. The diary has multiple locks and the keys for those locks are found through solving puzzles. Also unlike the other items in the bottom row of the trunk there is no bonus set of challenges for finishing the diary.

    • Camera

    This starts as a puzzle the first piece of which is given to you by Sam. He broke his uncles camera and gives you the body but the important bits inside are missing. The rest of the pieces are found by completing puzzles throughout the game. Once the camera puzzle is completed it is used to take pictures of the town of Folsense. However, something is wrong with the pictures, there are three differences between the actual places and the pictures. This adds another set of puzzles to the game, finding all of the differences in all of the pictures. Total there are nine pictures to find differences in. Completing this will unlock the Musician's House set of Layton's Challenges after completing the game

    • Hamster

    After discovering that the cook of the Molentary Express is keeping a pet hamster in the kitchen he entrust the hamster to Luke. He also asks Luke if he can make his hamster (which the player can name) lose some weight by running. Making the hamster run is done by a mini game in which the player put objects in the hamster's cage that attract him to them forming a chain of various objects keeping the hamster in movement. Every time the hamster manages to do a set number of steps in a run his obesity level will go down. Objects are obtained by completing various puzzles. Once the hamster is in tip top shape he will help the player sniff out hint coins. This also unlocks the Animal Lovers House set of Layton's Challenges after completing the game. 5 levels of fitness exist.

    • Tea Set

    Given to you by a citizen of Dropstone while the Molentary Express is being repaired there, the herb tea set allows Professor Layton and Luke to make various teas using any combination of three ingredients. Initially starting with three ingredients and gaining more by solving puzzles throughout the game. Eventually this allows them to quench the thirst of the people of Folsense with tea. Each Person wants a specific kind of tea with some overlap. There are 26 people around Folsense who will crave tea, giving everyone the tea they want will unlock the Tea Masters House set of Layton's Challenges after completing the game.

    Bonus Materials

    The game will have weekly downloadable riddles. There are also character profiles, audio clips, movies and soundtracks.


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