release date for professor layton and pandora;s box

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I loved professor Layton and Curious Village help can anyone put my out misray and tell me when professor layton and pandora's box is being released in the uk

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We don't even know how far into the localization process they are, nevermind a concrete release date.

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It doesn't currently have a release date for North America or Europe. You'll have to wait awhile longer.

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I want this game to come to America SO badly. The first game is my favorite DS game yet, and I would love to get another shot at it. The game did well commercially, right? And the critics loved it.

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I agree, I'm very excited for a new Professor Layton game!  Although to hold us all off until the new Layton gets released, Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure gets released this month (March).

Not the same I know, but still looks cool, even though he's stereotypically British.

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A question mark at the end of the topic name would avoid confusion and false hope. Thanks.

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License_To_Bill said:
"A question mark at the end of the topic name would avoid confusion and false hope. Thanks."
This. I opened this threa with such high hopes. Now I am off to sob in a corner while I replay The Curious Village again.

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