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    Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Oct 28, 2012

    The 5th installment in the Professor Layton Franchise, and the first on the Nintendo 3DS.

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    After receiving a letter from his childhood friend, Angela Ledore, Professor Layton, Luke, and Emmy head to the desert casino town of Monte d'Or. The town has been terrorized for a month by the mysterious Gentleman of Miracles, who appears at nights to enact unbelievable miracles, such as turning people into horses or turning paintings to life. Layton and the gang arrive just in time to witness the latest miracle, as the Gentleman turns several passerbys into stone. The Gentleman seems to be wearing the Mask of Miracles, which Professor Layton remembers in connection with the loss of a dear friend from his high-school days...


    Gameplay follows closely that of the previous installments in the series, with players required to solve a variety of puzzles and brain teasers in order to advance the story.

    Replacing the old static backgrounds, Mask of Miracles features exploration of animated 3D panoramas that pan around as the player slides the stylus across the 3DS's bottom screen. Character sprites during conversations are also replaced by animated 3D models.

    The game also features a new "Puzzle-solving Profile" that can be exchanged with other players using the 3DS's street-pass feature. The profile records the player's progress in the game, and can be customized with a personal message assembled from words collected throughout the game, and with icons and themed backgrounds that can be purchased using the 3DS game coin system.

    As always, there are several mini games included. This time they are:

    • The Spring-loaded Robot: Guide a toy robot around stages of increasing difficulty collected throughout the game, avoiding enemies and environmental hazards.
    • The Sold-out Shop: Arrange items on a shop's store in order to attract customers to buy them all. Customers begin by buying a single item but will be attracted to items of the same kind or color next to it on the shelves.
    • Performing Rabbit: Luke takes care of a circus rabbit about to be thrown out for not performing any tricks. The player first teaches the rabbit new tricks by interacting with it directly, and then needs to select the correct tricks in a series of stage plays.

    Daily Downloadable Puzzles

    Daily puzzles can be downloaded via Nintendo Network; a new puzzle is available every day for a full year after the game's release in a region. While all of the daily puzzles are, in actuality, "on the cartridge," connecting to Nintendo Network "unlocks" all of the puzzles that have be made available to that date.

    Compatible 3DS Features

    eShop Version

    Size: 6,326 Blocks (791 MB)


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