Eternal Diva Anime Movie out in America Nov. 8th

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Don't know how the puzzle aspect would translate to a non-game, but could be interesting. Source

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I saw this movie just a few days ago and really enjoyed it. How they handled puzzles in the situation they're thrown in was probably the most sensible way to have them in a film. I didn't expect the film's contents to be proportional to the Professor Layton experience with puzzles being thrown at you everywhere but they nailed the mystery concept quite well, the primary reason why I personally love those games. However, it made things more obvious that people were hiding things from Layton, something you can't definitively pinpoint by way of moving sprites on a small screen, so I ended up being kinda 'half-right' when things finally came to a close. But, hey, if you love the music in those games and want to see something that couldn't be any more faithful to the games, you should go for it.

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