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Some of these trinkets are going to be the death of me!

Decided to jump in and buy 'VVVVV' today for a lovely price of £1.99 on steam. Loved the quick-look here on GB and been looking into buying it for a while. I'm a hour in and have only 1 more guy to rescue but missed a trinket while saving the green dude. So I've decided to head back and get it and it has got me believing that some of these trinkets are actually going to have me tearing my hair out! It's just so frustrating because you know you're the one at fault, not the game. I think it's so brilliantly designed and addictive that it just has me pushing for completion, yet, it may kill me. I hope I'm sure I'm no the only one to reach high levels of frustration and I doubt I'll be the last. As for a closing comment, man I love this game!


My pain with World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is pretty much a love/hate relationship with everyone that plays it. Even people who have never quit and spend there whole lives playing it, hate it. Well there bodies likely do. For me it's much more obvious. I hate dedicating so much time to it, wasting time with rude people who rage at anything and everything etc. But every time I leave I seem to go back about a month later doing the exact same thing I always do. But this time may be different.
I started WoW during the WotLK expansion so I suppose I can never be considered 'hardcore'. I constantly left the game but went back to try a bit of levelling, some professions and dungeons. Eventually I hit the inevitable level 80 and powered raided and dungeoned like a mouse on steroids and speed. I spent hours playing the game just trying to get pieces of gear and attempt raiding. I had to leave. I managed to quit and return casually and found a nice guild who didn't mind me not showing up daily to raid. Everything was just lovely in my little world. Until patch 4.0...
I logged in during that game changing patch that changed everything. Quite literally, everything. Talents, interface, raiding, everything. Now that didn't bother me much. I can relearn a game I spent about a year learning. Brilliant. But it seemed to bring out all the worst things in WoW. Complete assholes shouting at everything, inbalanced classes, confused players runnng around shouting at your to solve all there problems when you're trying to sort your own. Just turned into a horrible game. So I left and said I would never return. But today another patch got released today....

It is the complete 'Cataclysm' patch. Quests for level 1-60 have all changed, the world has been torn up and this game is now, essentially, new. So what do I do? I buy a months worth of subscription and start a new class character combination. I just can't help finding out what's new and how the game has changed. Is it going to be better? More streamlined with better dungeons? Probably. Am I going to stay around long enough to find out? Who knows, but most likely. I know myself I'm not a hardcore player. But I also know when I first installed WoW, Blizzard grabbed my balls, and are refusing to let go....


God of War 3 demo

Yes i got sent a lovely promotion code from Sony that allowed me to download the E3 God of War 3 demo and what can I say except it is fantastic!! This being the first God of War experience (minus the PSP edition) and I was excited to dig into its contents.
I'm sure everyone who has interest in this game already know the the contents of the demo so I won't bother explaining what happens. I will just talk about what I enjoyed. At first I didn't think the graphics were as good as originally made out. What was said was it looks like concept art moving in a flawless manner and I just couldn't see that at first. Just looked like a good display of PS3 power but not to the standards of MGS4 or Uncharted 2. But the more I played it the better it seemed to get. More enemies, more blood, more explosions and Kratos getting covered head to toe in the gore of who he has killed was awesome to see. Also seeing the Titan stomping around in the background looks awesome!!
The fighting is fast paced and brutal. What everyone was expecting but the gore is just beyond what I have ever seen. Ripping enemies in half, tearing centaurs stomachs open and watching its guts spew everyone is just so satisfying. No I'm not a psychopath who enjoys dismembering people but there is a lot of enjoyment smashing a civilians head of a wall. Favourite section, and probably the most brutal, has to be the cyclops fight. Tearing out his eye and watching Kratos get soaked in blood is just beyond sick yet enjoyable at the same time.
Controls are easy for combat meaning no slow down or confusion during fighting. Only issue I have with controls is holding numerous buttons (such as L2, R1 and aim to get the head out) which i think could be avoided. Don't get me wrong it isn't bad but I'm sure they could of come up with some way to minimise buttons. Also one other issue i had, not a major one, was the quicktime event interface. In games of old they just appeared next to whatever head you were trying to cut or monster you were trying to kill in big plain black button symbols. Now they appear on sides of the screen in junction with how they are on the controller. For example triangle appears top of screen, X on the bottem, square to the left etc. They are also covered in an small animation of flames which doesn't seem very easy on the eyes. It isn't bad and does reduce screen interference but i much preferred it the old way. Rather than you eye catching it, moving your head then missing whatever action was happening. Doesn't sound like a bug issue and it isn't, but i find it annoying and I can only imagine the bigger the TV, the greater the annoyance.
So there we go, a very quick rundown of the demo but you most likely will have heard the rest from professional journalists. Being the first home console God of War experience I will be having I can say I am heavily anticipating this title. With graphics said to be even more improved, bigger enemies and a wider selection of weapons and thing to destroy this is going to be one of the PS3s biggest games and Sony is going to market it to no end. Looking forward to the end product, very much indeed.


I can't put up with Gamespot anymore

Hello all. Anyone remember me? Well for those of my friends who moved from Gamespot to Giantbomb i now understand completely. Is it because i have grown up and become more aware of the industry? Or maybe i have changed my views and how i perceive people? Whatever it is i just cannot stand being on Gamespot anymore except from checking their news (which is usually hours behind everyone else).
I very much plan to make this my new home for blogging, gaming and general gaming community. But it has really raised a question in my mind, why have i turned on Gamespot a site i used to love so much? I think there are a few reasons.
Let us start with the core of the website. Games. I very much find Gamespot reviews to be taken from one angle. They just think in last generation where as now with so many factors and thought going into games, they can no longer ignore what gaming has become. An art, computing science, a form of entertainment that extends well beyond what it once was. For example Fat Princess. IGN gave it a fantastic 9.0 and Giantbomb here gave it a solid 4/5 where gamespot gave it 7.5. For me Fat Princess is just fantastic and it did have launch issues but look at from a perspective of design. The art, fun style and humor behind the game, plus the most important, 'the fun factor', makes this game one of my favourites on PSN. Now most of you musty be thinking "Just your opinion", which is very true. But Gamespot just don't seem to make reviews which make sense to me. Continually missing the point of a game and tearing it apart for very small reason. I just can't agree with their features or reviews anymore.

Now the second biggest part of the website. Its community. I first joined Gamespot in 2005 when i was 15 and was very narrow minded and made a lot of friends. But now when i look at the, i suppose closest friends i made they continue to, well i suppose annoy me. They make blogs, comments and posts that are just not thought out. They take it from one angle and have very little understanding of how other people might interrupt whatever the topic is.
It is hard for me to exactly determine exactly what it is but i believe it is this very childish and narrow minded approach that i seem to find so frustrating on Gamespot. Maybe some of you can relate? I just think i can no longer be on a website where majority of users think "i got THA PLATINUM in UncHARTed 2" is actually acceptable writing or 'cool' with most replies being "i gotz 15 PlATInums n00B!!".
Now i'm not saying that everyone i met on the site was like that. I found some great blogs, people and did actually make friends, but when 94% of the people are little s**ts who don't think before they say anything you really lose heart in the whole thing. For me it has run its course and am wanting to find a new home here at Giantbomb. Welcomed? I hope so :)


day 2 of giantbomb.com

im really enjoying it. i have to say after yesterdays major slow down due to Beta testing and a huge number of users signing up things have improved so much. i open Mozilla and add another tab and click both my gamespot and giantbomb accounts and giantbomb actually loads faster. its fantastic. i also have foound some good forum topics i enjoying commenting on as well as some good reviews. although i dont like the out of 5 rating due to it being very vague the reviews give a good account of why it got it score.

in gaming news i did level 7 of Halo on Legendary yesterday and it was awful. this is my first time palying through Halo 3 and the level was dire. it took so long and it was ridiculus the kind of things the enemies were coming out with. still i got through it so only level 8 now and then level 9 which is just driving if i heard my friend correctly. also only a few scenes left in Vegas 2 on Realistic then thats finished and i will have a new favourite online game :) i feel bad for both my Wii and PS3 cause there not getting much attention but my 360 is new and fresh so im still enjoying it :)

thats all the news i have so i hope to see you all out on the forums :)
many thanks
02sfraser (Stuart Fraser)


my intro blog

hello everyone on this social gaming network. it is a gaming network right? well even if it isnt i will still stick around. i just made my profile so nothing is up but i moved here from gamespot. will it be better? only time will tell. so far from what i can make out, the lack of development and servers mean this website is very slow :( not enjoying that very much but it will improve over time :) hope to see you all out there.

dont really have any news but add me and i will add you. its what i do :) in a quick note i lvoe games, manga and anime, beer, parties and the sun. that all :)

many thanks
02sfraser (Stuart Fraser)