GiantBomb: Serving a Purpose

So I've spent some time getting my feet wet here at GiantBomb. I must say that the interface is growing on me. It does have a more modern look and feel than other gaming sites, though I've never been the biggest fan of white text on black backgrounds. I don't particularly see this becoming my #1 spot for gaming information because there just isn't enough here and the small staff can't possibly cover games with the depth needed.

I do see possibilities for this site to be a hell of a resource for myself if the portion of the community devoted to updating games does their job. I'm a fan of niche versions of larger concepts (N4G spawning from Digg, GiantBomb from Wikipedia - and it is more of a Wikipedia than IMDB), so if the wikis are update as often as everyone would like them to be I could definitely see this being my #1 choice when it comes time to look up very specific things like release dates or backgrounds on game characters.

I will still have my main gaming sites for news, previews, reviews, and so forth, but GiantBomb has found a place in my list of gaming sites. Who knows, if it has a good community I may stick around here too since, while I love NeoGAF, the community rules are Nazi-esque. This may be the home for my gaming blog, and I hope by jumping in early I can make my mark in the community.