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Classic Side Scrolling Brawler 0

Streets of Rage 2 is one of those rare games that even if you pick it up years later (in my case, replaying it on the Sega Smash Pack for the Dreamcast) it is still a fantastically fun game despite its age.As with most 2D games there isn't too much going on here. You have a lot of punching, kicking, jumping, and random food collecting and that's pretty much it. This game and the other games in its class stand out because they are able to pack a lot of different situations into the action that ke...

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Surprisingly great 0

Now, my tastes may have changed since I played it oh so many years ago, but I remember picking this game up at Blockbuster one day because I wanted to pick up a new game. I had never heard of it or read about it, but I did know that I liked kart racers ever since Mario Kart on the SNES, so I bravely picked it up.I was glued to this game for the entire week. I honestly can't remember anything about it, so if you're looking for details you'll just have to look it up, but I do remember really likin...

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