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A week for games

Purchasing video games is my business...

...and business is getting busy?

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  • Back before that blow-away-awesome Batman game came out, that other comic book titan, Marvel, struggled with ideas for their games. I had heard good things, but was iffy on the movie tie-in thing (as opposed to, hey, it's a Wolverine game). Turns out it's not too bad!

  • Despite being a die-hard Saint Row fan/geek, I had ignored Volition's other games for now. Can't wait to check it out.

  • GTA with horses. It's okay. Totally glitched out on me a few times, though.

  • Digital 'On Demand. version. A broken disk is never good, especially when it's also a portal to hundreds of £'s worth of DLC.

  • Two things in this world I'm not very fond of: Buying used games, and EA. This one covers both of those. I figured it would even itself out, like a kind of balancing karma. Will get around to it eventually.

  • XBLA version. How is it possible for a game that came out in 2009 to be a 2012 GOTY? ;)

  • Another one I haven't even opened yet. Heard some great things about it (originally from a CGR review) and placed it on my mental wishlist - now it sits on my shelf. Hopefully this isn't another case of Dante's Inferno where it stays in the shrink wrap and I never play it, eventually giving it away.