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Forming a cult, wanna join?

Hey, like following people? Knowing what they are doing and what they're thinking?
Well, you're in luck because so do I. If you're like me; with nothing really important to say, with mediocre taste in music and movies, with a bizarre need to watch the ER of Deadly Premonition, or with a compulsive need to post stupid questions and stupid answers, then why not team up and follow each other?
There are no interviews, no routine questions asked and no probation period. Lez do dis!


Deadly Premonition: Sidequests or Main Plot Quests?

Deadly Premonition has me by the balls. When I started watching the ER, I knew I had found that special game. DP is, in lack of a proper word, grearrible...
It's great and terrible at the same time. Great when considering the intentional and unintentional humor, the hysterical animations, the voice acting(I need to find out who the cast is, or I'll go insane) and the crazy plot. Terrible when considering, well, everything else..
Having recently bought the game though, I'm finding it hard to prevent myself from watching more ER episodes. Luckily, the focus has shifted to the main plot missions, leaving all of the crazy sidequests for me to discover and complete. If anyone out there has played the game, including the sidequests, can give me a heads up if they are worth the effort it would be much appreciated. Til then, I can hear Zack calling me from my shelf.