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a late review of skyrim 0

skyrim is a epic fantasy role playing game in this installment you play as the dragon born facing a huge threat f**cking dragons which is the most powerful creature in fantasy.You start the game going to the exautionner get a nice hair cut. this is the high point of the game. the dragon attack in skyrim are really random so trying to talk to sven and a dragon attack is pretty the way there are small bug in the game....

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A solid story with epic gameplay 0

this one game you should buy new because dishonored is the game that make you think about what you chose you ca either kill everyone in the room or just freeze time and walk to the objective. The graphic in the game make dunwall a place you want to live in but there a plague there so stay in your home. the only problem I have with this game is how long the game is I really hope they make dlc that I want to play....

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best game ever 1

this is the best ps3 game I played it worth every cent you pay.It the story that make this game awesome.this is the game that make you buy a ps3.the 2nd game also amaze me you should buy the game.the multplayer make you feeling you finish the game you have to find imra of the piller...

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