Jumping in: A first foray into Xbox gaming.

Last month I was a PS3 (and DS) only gamer, I had experienced the highs and the lows that Sony’s latest offering had to give. Highs being new ip’s such as the Uncharted series and Infamous and established Sony franchises like Ratchet and Clank and Metal Gear Solid. Lows of yellow light of death and shoddy multiplatform ports. All in all, I feel happy with what the Playstation 3 has given me in return for my investment, but I wanted more, I wanted choice, I wanted an Xbox 360. 
 Rewind to 2005, the year of Katrina, London bombings and 4 more years of Bush. Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 and was first to market of the next generation consoles. I was burnt out on gaming, I had a PS2, Gamecube and Dreamcast all hooked up under my TV, but I just wasn’t playing them. I would buy 1 or 2 games a year, Pro Evolution Soccer and GTA and be done with it. I had no desire to play many video games or any desire to buy an Xbox 360. 
 Fast-forward to 2010 and here I am, an Xbox 360 owner. When the remodelled 360 was announced at E3, it piqued my interests; built in wifi, a cooler, quieter and more reliable system with a hefty hard drive to boot, but I still wasn’t sold, £200 was still a chunk of change to spend when I already had a PS3. However come launch day a popular high street retailer were offing the new Xbox 360 with 6 games for just £209.99 I had been paid a few days before and decided to take the plunge. 
 The games bundled with the Xbox were; Halo 3, Halo Wars, Fable 2, Forza 2, PGR4 and Gears of War 2. A nice starting place for anyone new to the Xbox 360. Instantly my mind started working on more games, games that I had missed in the early days of the 360, Dead Rising, Mass Effect, Saint’s Row Etc… (Although made somewhat obsolete by the multiplatform sequel), but first I would make my way through the first 6 games I owned, or so I thought. 
After a few days of some heavy game sessions, a deal popped up on a large online retailer. The Xbox 360 version of Ashes cricket 2009 for £2.99, having played Ashes Cricket 2009 at a friends house, I knew the game was average at best, but as a die hard cricket fan I bought it anyway, a brand new game for £3? I’d be losing money if it didn’t buy it. Deals continued to pop up and a week later I had also acquired Forza 3, Halo: ODST, Crackdown and Blue Dragon. I had a backlog 3 weeks into owning a system. 
 Now a month on from purchase I’m somewhat under whelmed and possibly overwhelmed all at the same time. I’ve enjoyed playing some games, I’ve benefited from the use of SkyPlayer for watching tens of movies on demand and I’ve even enjoyed getting trash talk from 14 year olds on Halo, but I’ve yet to be gripped by a game, nothing has kept me playing when I get tired or made me late for something like Uncharted 2 did. I’m starting to get similar feelings I did 5 years ago, playing games is starting to feel like a job and what’s the point in playing if you aren’t having fun? Maybe I’m playing too much, maybe I should cut back on gaming for a while just squeeze in a few hours week, or maybe I’m playing the wrong type of games, maybe I should just plump for the AAA titles and ignore some games, even if a great deal for them arises or maybe, just maybe I’m falling out of love with video games.