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GOTY 2014

It felt like a very subdued year for gaming in 2014, with only a few games interesting me enough to want to play, let alone complete them. In fact, I have only finished one game on this list. Some of that is due to the length of these games, but the majority is just because, yeah, these games are ok, but I don't care enough to keep playing. The story is not that interesting, the gameplay is not that challenging, it's just... ok. During a year where I have had more free time than ever before, it was extremely disappointing.

2014 felt similar to 2012 in the sense that smaller or more average games; which would have perhaps fallen under the radar in a different year, were given a lot of coverage and talked about constantly. I'm sure a lot of this is down to the sheer number of titles pushed to 2015, which is set to be a fantastic rebound if everything goes well.

Wow, it feels like I just wrote a worst game of the year list. I do like games, honest. I played a lot of great games from previous years which I liked.

List items

  • I think Dark Souls 2 is a great game. It refined all of the mechanics from the first game into a coherent structure. Combat feels better, covenants make more sense, and the death system feels fleshed out. All of this cumulates into a fun and challenging game, but one which lacks the soul (LOL) of the original. Something about it feels off. It might be the level design or the lore or the fact that I also played Dark Souls 1 this year, but I think the original was a better game. That's not the question though, so... I think the best game released this year was Dark Souls 2. Also this game is really fucking long.

  • I love South Park and I have been watching for years, so for them to do such a great job with this game made me very happy. The humour is great, I appreciate the references and all the familiar characters that appear along the way are a nice homage to the show. I thought the combat was fine but that is not why I wanted to play this game.

  • So I have only played about 5 hours of this. It's not a bad game. The combat is good, if not particularly challenging. I think Batman does it better. The story seems fine for what it is. I don't know. This is one of the games I feel like would have been mostly ignored in a better year. The nemesis system is an interesting idea but I don't think it goes far enough. Occasionally you have a tougher enemy with a name and a specific weakness, but nothing fundamentally changes about the gameplay. Maybe I just haven't seen all of the amazing depth to the system but right off the bat it felts like a rigid list of randomly generated weaknesses and strengths.

  • I have played the 3DS version. I had fun with this game for about a week and then kind of lost interest. The single player modes all feel like a twist on the same format. You are just going through a list of enemies each time. The part where this game shines is during multiplayer... which they managed to mess up. Online is so incredibly laggy that they might as well not have included it, I have a good connection and it is barely playable. Also, remove the clone characters already, don't add new ones!

  • As a huge fan of Team Fortress 2, Loadout instantly looked like something I wanted to play. The weapon customisation is done really well with a ton of options, although it takes a long time to unlock stuff you want to use. I also enjoy the cartoony style, although some cosmetic choices and animations can be kind of gross. Unfortunately, Loadout just couldn't dethrone TF2, the gameplay never feels as satisfying and there is almost no strategy beyond rolling around frantically blasting each other with a rudely named gun.

  • I have only played the first stage of this. I thought it was funny. It's a cool idea. They did a good job with this. I should play more of it.

  • I thought this was pretty cool. It took me a long time to get used to the flying mechanics but once I did I had a good time. The actual gameplay however did not do much to entice me to keep playing, I am not super interested in chasing high scores which is what the game seemed to want me to do.