Sony feeling publisher pressure on PS3's price point

The publishers seem to not be happy with game sales on the PS3, which is bad news for Sony. They’re threatening to pull some of their funding on PS3 games and dump it into Wii projects as a means of not being hit too hard by the economic climate. Sony already spends more money manufacturing a PS3 than they make in selling it, and seeing as how the PS3’s source of profit comes from publishing fees, the money a publisher must pay for the right to release a game for the PS3, this is serious business.

Hopefully it comes as a good enough wakeup call for Sony. The PS3’s only current SKU is  priced a bit high for a two-year-old console at $400, and is even moreso when compared to the Xbox 360, which shares a very similar game library with more exclusives and a similar online service. Not to mention, the only available PS3 SKU lacks any backwards-compatibility, which was available in previous  SKUs.

I’d expect a PS3 price cut in the near future. Or, if Sony decides it’s a better idea, they may go exclusive shopping. No matter what happens, though, I’m expecting a general, overall noticeable shift in publishers’ development dollars from the PS3 to the Wii. It’s only a matter of how big this shift is.

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