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Games beaten in 2017

This is a simple list to keep track of all the games I've played this year and to give my short thoughts on them all. Spoilers will be unmarked

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  • Completed 1/2

    Firewatch was great at building up a story and providing a beautiful setting to display it on. However as the story continues it leads you down many roads of possible things that could happen and ultimately none of them do and it ends rather disappointingly.

  • Completed 1/11

    Overall a great game however majorly flawed. To start out with the good stuff the relationship between Noctis and his friends is great and heart warming to see, the visuals are fantastic, and for the most part the combat is fun if simple. The flaws being that the game is paced very poorly. I spent almost 30+ hours doing side quests in the first 1-4 chapters before I realized how similar they all were and it wasn't going to change; as the chapter continue less and less side quests appeared overall making it feel like they just threw all of them in at the beginning and if one were to do them all or a lot like myself they would majorly over-leveled. The other big issue is the story many characters hinted at being major or big parts of the game aren't mentioned at all or are killed off suddenly with no real explanation. Like many people have said Chapter 13 is horrendous but the chapters after aren't much better the story is confusing because of how much is left out and the game then just wraps itself up quickly at the end with a horribly boring boss fight. The game started out strong but crashed and burned at the end.

  • Completed 1/12

    A short 4 hour experience wildly superior to Limbo. Frankly Limbo was boring I felt it had nothing going for it and could not bring myself to even finish it. However this game takes a similar art style and game play and improves on them so much. Inside's mostly dark visuals with just a tiny bit of color gives off a scary world but it makes you actually care to look around and enjoy how everything looks unlike Limbo. The only issues is how easy most of the puzzles are and how tedious they can be to do them, the answers are usually right in front of you it just takes too long to actually complete them. Overall a very enjoyable experience everyone should play once.

  • Completed 1/15

    A great vn that actually came to the west !!!

    Not much too say about this if you like mystery with a little bit of romance in your visual novels you should definitely play this. It's definitely not incredible or the best in this category but was still enjoyable. It was great that you could also skip most of the parts you already played through when doing the other routes. The pen pal system of being able to choose responses to the letter was very cute and I wish more vns did this where you could ask things about the girls you liked. Illustrations and art for this game was terrific as well I loved many of the character designs especially Snappy. The only downsides were some weird translations and typos, as well as some of the routes ended pretty suddenly or fast expecting you to just move on to the next one.

  • COMPLETED 1/16



  • Completed 1/17

    I first played this on release and got about half way through before dropping it because of the 30fps lock that ruined a game that relies on precise timing and movement. After finally getting back to it after the patch it's a great game. Very fast and precise combat that is punishing but doesn't make you have to backtrack much if you die. The boss fights were all enjoyable and the ability to take any path you wanted and no route made the others easier was great. There was a few rooms that had annoying enemy layouts but for the most part it all worked great. Overall this game had everything great art design, combat, soundtrack.

  • Completed 1/22

    First off this is the first musou game that I've played and went in expecting very easy/repetitive gameplay and came out surprisingly enjoying it a lot. I finished all 4 main stories as well as all of the side stories. The first two main stories were great to play through however as I got to the 3rd and 4th it was a pain to see the same story retold over and over again. Lots of things got repeated multiple times for little to no reason not to mention the story is a mess and not very good to begin with being a weird moon/space version of the Holy Grail War. Gameplay however was very fast and addicting where you're almost always doing something it's just filled with constant action. The few true boss battles that are in this game are basically a waste of time and are the most boring easy thing to do and are also no fun not to mention that you have to do it at the end of every story is annoying. Side story wise it was fun to play as a huge variety of servants unfortunately almost all the missions are just copy pasted missions across the 4 main stories making it super lazy. To make it quick the best side stories are Lu Bu, Elizabeth, Archimedes, and Gilgamesh. Overall the game is good not great definitely worth playing if you like the Fate series.

  • Completed 1/27

    While improving on the first game 100% this game was still ultimately mediocre for me. First off some of the good, the combat was much better especially with the edition of multiple styles of combat however they were not as fleshed out as I thought they could have been especially Jupiter style which was mostly worthless without upgrading. The world is beautiful and I love the dungeon mine type places that you go through however they all boil down to the same exact objective sit in this area and kill things wow. There was many things to do in this game including many side quests but after about 5 I stopped doing them all together because they were basically all fly over here grab something bring it back over and over with some races and combat throw in; there is not enough variety in the missions at all. Variety is the main reason this game fails because after 10 hours your combat and shifting is all pretty much the same even all the bosses just boil down to hitting their huge weak spot. To go further into how this game hasn't improved the camera is still the most egregious thing in this whole game it's absolutely awful. First it still gets stuck looking in weird angles like straight down or sideways no matter how much you try to manually move it because who knows. Second in some tight spaces or when being thrown around in gravity mode the camera whips around at high speed and you have no idea where you are looking or where you are. This issue of the camera multiple times had me having to stop for a second and think if I was looking up or down because at times dropping gravity would make me go one way and sometimes the other. These problems are especially bad during the Lost city boss fight where the camera was whipping around constantly on the way to the boss and I had to stop playing for a bit because of the huge headache I was getting trying to track my movement and control the camera something that has never happened in a game before for myself. Bosses as I said earlier aren't this games strong point, however the final boss takes this a step further in how long and boring the fight, it's one of the most drawn out fights not only in this game but just games in general. You hit the weak spots like most other bosses except after landing a hit you have to stop back up and wait for it to scream before going back in again or you will just sit there tanking damage as you fight; one of the worst bosses in any game honestly. Now I've just ranted about how many things I hate about the game but it's still not a terrible game, for the most part the gameplay is fun the whole concept of shifting gravity like Kat does is awesome. I loved the platforming segments with Lunar style and playing through the forbidden city mine for the first time. The story is sweet and all the characters are easy to attach to because it's clear they have heart put into them. Overall the game is fun but has many many things holding it back if you enjoyed the first Gravity Rush you'll love this one because it's improved 100x.

  • This game is a great example of wasted resources. What I mean by this is that the game has a great engine and visually looks amazing and includes many immersive elements like snow staying on your clothes, cars locking when you push the door, and one of the best weather effects in a game I've seen. However despite how good the game looks it plays like trash. First off in a loot shooter one of the biggest disappointments is how little variety there is in weapons, sure there might be a bunch of weapons with different names but they almost all feel the same to shoot; you basically have a pistol, an assault rifle, sniper, and shotgun and tiny variances on those. Continued with the complete lack of variety is the missions. There are many many side quests in this game many of which you are forced to do because you don't level fast enough to skip to the main missions and there are only about 6 types. What I means is you do around 40 side missions all of which are slight SLIGHT changes on the base 6. This is incredibly boring very fast; added on to this main missions just feel like side missions stretched out agonizingly long. There is few differences between main missions and side missions besides how long it takes to finish them. Now about the loot system the other half of the game. It's garbage! I think I can count on my hands the number of times a gun dropped from an enemy that was actually better than one I had bought from the store, 90% of the time the drops you got were absolute trash. This is even more so with the armor drops I would consistently get no better armor for my character for probably about 5-6 levels and then all the sudden would get something that was like 3x better just to repeat the cycle again. In a game about drops and shooting this game makes sure you enjoys neither of those at all. Finally the story; it's lame and generic adding nothing to an already boring game. All of the characters are forced archetypes of characters already in most shooting games, especially Faye Lau the supposedly bad ass chick trying to lead you through this whole mess. However it makes no sense her being the leader as she was a recruit just like you and gets injured before she was even in action. I guess her being injured before actually doing anything makes her a fallen hero, this game makes no sense. Further when you finally beat the game it forces to give you any satisfaction no cutscene no anything, just a shitty voiceline from Faye saying how much more there is to do in this shitty game; DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE DARK ZONE GUYS. All in all this is truly a terrible game with it's only redeeming factor is it being fun to mess around in co-op and laughing at how bad the voice lines can be sometimes. "I repeat small arms fire!"

  • Completed 3/8

    Quite possibly the greatest Yakuza game made up there with 2 and 5 at the very least. 0 brings a very dark story to set up the beginnings of both Goro and Kiryu. The amount of content this game has is insane I finished the game at 114 hours played with around 70% completion. It improves the combat of the previous games minor, per usual however the styles that all the characters have makes you able to change things up if you ever get bored of a certain one. Memorable characters and great substories really beef your enjoyment. The story elements and cut scenes related to both the real estate and club jobs are great and worth getting to however for most people they will probably get too tedious as the gameplay loop for them is very short. Overall this game had some of the best content out of any of the Yakuza games and is simply spectacular.

  • Completed 3/25

    Nier Automata is an absolutely fantastic game period. Platinum games once again delivers with fun fast paced gameplay. Yoko Taro delivers another wonderfully crazy and touching story. Coupled with beautiful character design by Yoshida and an even more beautiful OST by Okabe this game is a masterpiece in more ways than one.

  • Completed 4/24

    Horizon Zero Dawn is an absolutely beautiful game that tries really hard to be bad. What I mean is some parts of this game are extremely good and others are downright awful are extremely mediocre.

    Graphics- Obviously this is a huge strong point of this game at the time it's the best looking PS4 game by a good amount. However on the flip side the game has some really weird facial animations when they try to display emotions at times.

    Gameplay - Combat against machines is incredibly fun and fights can vary a lot depending on the combinations of enemies you fight and also many different styles of play. Downsides fighting against humans is extremely basic and boring, the stealth combat leaves a little to be desired and timing for using stealth strike can be weird at times. Crafting in this game is neither bad nor good however it is tedious and completely unnecessary for the most part. The Far Cry esque crafting of larger and larger carrying pouches makes the early game painfully annoying to inventory manage unless you hunt after those upgrades fast. I also have no idea why they would include a crafting mechanic in a way that you are always wasting materials instead of just crafting at an even number this is some hotdog and buns level of management bullshit.

    Story- Starts out with the world shrouded in mystery and you having all kinds of questions about what happened to this world, and then proceeds to have hours without mentioning any of it while you deal with lame tribe vs tribe disagreements. However around the mid point when you start discovering the actual plot of the game it gets so much better and as you learn more and more I got very involved in the story and wanted to see how everything had gotten so bad. As for characters almost all of them are 100% forgettable,annoying, or just there so they can prop Aloy up even further as a Jesus figure that can do no wrong. Did few side missions because they weren't very engaging besides a few and just served as ways of getting exp/items. Finally the ending was pretty good until after the credits was used to tease a possible sequel/dlc.

    Soundtrack- Honestly nothing stood out here for me but therer was nothing painfully bad and in a game where you are in areas for hours at a time this is a plus. The only negative I can put here is that although Aloy doesn't talk to herself as much as she did in the presentations she does do it often enough to add in obvious pointers as to what you should do; this is especially annoying because I had turned off all waypoints and pointers in the game yet they still found a way to baby the player in the end.

    Overall I did really enjoy this game in the end however there are many issues with this game that I feel could have been easily removed or altered only a bit to make the game much more interesting/more fun.

  • Completed 6/4

    Persona 3 is my first experience with a Persona game however not the first SMT game I've played. This was the first SMT game I have finished though. It was wonderful to play through although cheesy I really enjoyed the story and characters including all the social links I completed which were most. Dungeon crawling left a lot to be desired being very repetitive with enemies being pretty generic and often recolors going through level on level of the same thing. There was also more grinding than I like to do in this game to get to acceptable levels for the bosses. The bosses had very interesting designs and the symbolism was neat compared to the normal enemies. The soundtrack for this game was also great and never got tired of the battle tracks and background tracks no matter how many times I heard them. I wish maxing out all the social links wasn't so hard because the game is so long I don't see myself coming back to finish the ones I missed anytime soon. Overall I enjoyed the game a lot but wished dungeon crawling was a lot more fleshed out.

  • Completed 6/6

    This is a great fighting game coming from someone that doesn't play many. The story mode was fun the story was wild as usual however the addition of the narrator was unnecessary and he was extremely annoying in the way he delivered everything. Still I mean Heihachi obliterating a building with a satellite laser and then Kazuya responding by shooting it down himself + the finale in the volcano +++ Akuma being included in the story at all was hilarious but also great. The character stories were all short but in a good way that allowed you a little window to see what all the other characters were up to. Customization of characters is also great with how many things you can do and treasure battle they way to get more items is also extremely fun. I don't play many fighting games but I can see putting a lot more time into tekken.

  • Completed 6/13

    Going to come right out and say the game that this is a remake of probably wasn't very good because neither is this. Fire Emblem games normally don't have a great story but usually you find characters you like. This game is filled with walking stereotypes for characters as it just takes a single trait to make a character, I liked a few of the characters but the only one I thought was actually good was King Rudolph. The story gets pretty dumb on many occasions especially with Alm and Celica believing almost everything Jedah tells the for seemingly no reason at all.

    The gameplay is about what you expect for a Fire emblem game except with maps filled to the brim with enemies making single battles sometimes take up to an hour. Respawning enemies on the map and dungeons are absolute bore just there to grind and fill up the game with empty space. Limiting characters to holding only 1 item at a time while also supplying limited items is incredibly annoying to deal with, I still don't even know what the fatigue system actually affects. Having to run all the way to a shrine to upgrade job classes and by the time you get back to where you are going more enemies fill the map again is aggravating. Giving you the option to make your army how you want it by starting you out with a bunch of villagers only learning later that most of them are only good in 1/2 classes. However there are some good parts it felt nice to switch between Alm/Celica and get a fresh team and perspective by the time you were bored with the other side but that's about it.

    Last thing to beat the final boss you have to sit there as he hits allies and constantly heal Alm until he crits this is not good game design.

  • Completed 6/16

    Incredibly fast paced stylish third person shooter with great boss fights games are supposed to have.


  • Completed 6/21

    Platinum did it again with another amazing hack-and-slash game featuring a strong sexy female protagonist done amazingly well. All the character and enemy designs are great. The story is well done and interesting but there are some parts that still don't make that much sense to me but they aren't extremely important anyway. Only thing I wasn't amazed with is the bosses they all felt like that once you figured out the gimmick they were pretty easily beaten on top of that the final boss dragged out way too long and had terrible camera angles making it annoying to fight; I would say the Jeanne fights especially the final fight against her were the highlights of the game. Overall fantastic game.

  • Completed 6/23

    Fun little search and find game kind of like Where's Waldo. Interactive things to play with as well as all the sounds make it fun even when you are spending sometimes hours on a single map. Only thing I would wish to see in the future is a full color search and find game as the black/white only aesthetic 1. gets boring after a while 2. personally hurts my eyes to stare at for a longer period of time. Overall very fun and got a lot more out of it than I thought I would.

  • Completed 6/29

    Absolutely beautiful game that finally sold me on the idea of metriodvanias/likes. Got 96% completion considered 100% but coliseum of the fools final challenge is extremely annoying and difficult might return to it later but not now. Overall this game was essentially perfect can't wait to play the content pack in July.

    Strong contender for GOTY

  • Completed 6/30

    Need me a girl like this

  • Completed 7/7

    It's a musou game that covers pretty much the entirety of the Berserk story. If you are already a fan of Berserk or are interested this is a good game.

  • Completed 7/13

    This game is terrible and nonredeemable. Awful story telling even if you are a fan of Lord of the Rings, lame gameplay that is worse than the material it copied from. Nemesis mechanic is extremely uninteresting and annoying at times end game nemesis ended up being just the first guy that killed me and I completely forgot about him, making it one of the easiest fights in the game. Tedious repetitive missions. I find it truly hard to believe how this game got such high marks across the board from reviewers. Final thought I forgot this game has the worst 2 final bosses that I can think off no gameplay/only quicktimes complete pushovers after being hyped all game long.

  • Completed 7/17

    Flawed masterpiece. This game was judged way too harshly on release. I played on letterbox mode and while weird at first you get used to it quickly and is an interesting new way to play a game; although this letterbox works best in games with little gameplay and has some issues in this game. Gameplay needs to be polished but the game is creepy and weird in a great way. The enemy and boss design is fantastic.

  • Completed 7/29

    Fantastic open world game that kept things interesting even though you do many of the same things every shrine felt fun and new. I love Riju and Mipha

  • Completed 7/30

    Never finished this game years back finally got around to it. Narration and atmosphere including ost is still great controls and aiming are not as tight as I remember them and are a little out of date.

  • Completed 7/31

    Excellent game I love cyberpunkish dystopian cities like this that felt like they were on the cusp of greatness but reach to far reminds me of what Rapture wanted to be. Combat could have been better would have liked to see what would have changed if they went all in on the turn-based instead of a kind of weird hybrid.

  • Completed 8/1

    Beautiful game oregon trail with vikings and a good story. Combat is OK not great and gets a little taxing in the end but the choose your own story and character development is very intresting.

  • Completed 8/5

    Single player mode was alright bosses were fun for the most part, however the final was way too long. Also the sheldon levels were for the most part extremely bad especially the charger levels. Multiplayer is still good although feels like a lot of the same.

  • Completed 9/25

    This game finally made the first Yakuza game good. It fleshes out the story more to make it more understandable why Nishki did what he did. The combat is a lot better however beast style felt a little weak and rush style felt really strong, in addition I never got why I should ever use Dragon style it just felt bad the combos weren't great. Substories could have been better but overall most of them were pretty great. I wish it had the "relationship" system with npcs like 0 with their own little side stories. I also wish the host clubs were a bit better but this is a remake after all. Kiwami puts all modern remakes and remasters to shame with how well it rebuilds from the ground up the first game in the series and makes it 10x better than before.

  • Completed 10/3

    Absolutely fantastic game I loved every minute. It was worth the wait for the beautiful artstyle+soundtrack combo that nailed the old 1930s aesthetic

  • Completed 10/8

    Quite possibly the best of the series so far I loved the characters as usual and specifically there was a number of cases that I thought were fantastic and went in directions I never would have expected especially the ending. I'm still maxing out bonds with all the characters but I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I still wish there wasn't a huge coin grinding aspect for the gifts and bonus scenes especially because I missed some bonus scenes because I didn't have the right item at the right time, however it's not the worst possible thing. side note miu is best girl and my favorite character from the series as a whole

  • Completed 10/10

    An interesting weird combo of GTA/Assassins Creed in nazi occupied paris. The story is pretty weird and weak as the main character is an Irish race car driver the is supposed to liberate Paris. A lot of the characters are pretty weak and unlikeable especially Veronique and Luc. The game does have a great soundtrack although and it's neat that the car plays music after you get out of it at a lowered volume. The black and white gimmick is extremely cool as well where bringing color to an oppressed world every time you liberate an area. There are some bad glitches and really weird animation bugs/plain bad animation. Overall the game is alright but worth a play if you like the setting or are interested in open world games.

  • Completed 10/13

    Great job of betraying expectations

    Made me feel extremely uneasy more so than most games

  • Completed 10/13

    I made a video game

  • Completed 10/13

    Another great addition to shovel knight. I liked this one a lot more than the plague knight dlc just the way movement and combat worked in this one felt more fun. Also neat to see prologue stuff and how the Empress rose to power and all the knights building their forts/areas

  • Completed 10/17

    I'll start this of with this game made me pretty sure I won't ever enjoy this type of hack and slash game. The gameplay is just too simple and easy and it gets boring super quickly. The only thing that makes me stay is friends mostly. However the music, enemy designs and environments are great as well as blizzards amazing animations during the cutscenes. Overall I just don't see the appeal in these games it was fun for a bit and I'm glad this dlc was as short as it was because any longer would have been a drag.

  • Completed 10/22

    Replayed this game after 4 years and it still holds up extremely well. I'm sad this game did not do as well as it should and is still pretty underrated a lot of what it went for at the time was great and not a lot of good detective like games ever come out especially one with the size and scope of an open world rockstar game. This game is seriously packed with content and things to do I haven't even messed with collectables or perfecting missions and after 2 clears I have around 70 hours this game is a diamond in the rough for me.

  • Completed 10/22

    A neat pretty short forgotten Nintendo Ip. Plays like a 2D Zelda game the engine for this was later used for Links Awakening. The snake/frog/human platforming switch was an interesting way to change things up in a weird way and the story was charming and cute. I thought the removal of combat was also pretty interesting and was implemented pretty well although may have gotten tiring if it was a longer game, overall I enjoyed this game a lot and wish it was more widely known.

  • Completed 10/24

    This game is rad as hell.

    Awesome crazy visual effects and a dark heavy soundtrack set this apart from other rhythm games I've played and kept me engaged the whole way through highly recommend this game.

  • Completed 10/26

    Very short little point and click game with an atmosphere very reminiscent of binding of isaac, starring a scared little boy or bulb in this case defeating huge mutated monsters in very grotesque ways. Game is fun and worth a play if this artstyle/setting appeals to you however it is really short and it took me a little less than 2 hours to finish it.

  • Completed 11/2

    I started this game many years ago and for one reason or another either a certain dungeon or boss I would put the game down and come back to it only to quit again soon after. This game is very hard especially certain dungeons just finding your way around and some bosses will outright instant kill you often. However if you go through all this you get reward with a great monster training type rpg with a great story good gameplay and characters as well as truly some of the best dungeon designs I've seen even if many of them angered me they were so difficult. If you are looking for a hard turn based rpg with a great atmosphere play this game.

  • Completed 11/14

    Not enough goo

    Great follow up to the first game and improves on it 100%. The open world segment was great with every side quest and item location having a surprise mad the world exciting to explore and find every secret. However the second half of the game goes completely linear for the most part and involves a lot of backtracking through the same areas with more bullet sponge enemies. After Stefano the games quality takes a big drop, the story continued to get more cheesy and honestly the whole ending segment with last boss and Kidman+cutscenes really left a bad taste in my mouth at the end of what could have been a great game.

  • Completed 11/14

    Hamongous games

  • Completed 11/29

    A great experience really felt like a celebration of Mario as a whole. Every world was packed filled with things to do and I had a great time 100%.

  • Completed 12/5

    I didn't know I wanted more sports games disguised as something else.

  • Completed 12/9

    Mixed feelings loved the artsyle and music is pretty good however I couldn't relate to the character even though I share many of her problems and that felt like a big focal point of the game. The second half felt much better than the first and a lot of the side stuff was more interesting than the main story until the end and I didn't even know about a lot of side stuff for a while. This is a good game just not entirely for me.

  • Completed 12/23

    Bethesda's alien bioshock. Beginning was extremely slow and story was not interesting until about 5-6 hours in and typhon powers got introduced. It was pretty clear where the game was headed with which 2 endings could happen depending on how you played the game but learning about different typhons and uncovering what happened to Morgan was interesting enough. Gameplay really is similar to bioshock 1 with a little less planning and focusing on traps and more blasting with typhon powers which were my main combat tool. I wish there was more normal weapons that were fun to use I only felt like the pistol and shotgun were any use to me the qbeam and disruptor gun were both too slow and extremely boring to use and I felt like why bother; the glue gun was unique however most of it's combat usefulness is gone after a few hours and really only helps your underpowered character traverse for a little bit and was mostly used for utility afterwards. I also disliked how enemies would constantly respawn in places you had just been especially when this game attempts to be slightly survival horror by not giving out large amounts of ammo or health dealing with the same enemy over and over is tedious especially when there aren't even a large amount of enemy variety e.g 4 types of phantom. There are many other problems but also many other good things about this game but overall if you enjoyed Bioshock or games like that I think you will also enjoy this.

  • Completed 12/30