Consoles I Own

Yeah, this is about all I've got.  I'm looking to add to the list with a Genesis, a Saturn, and maybe a Neo Geo AES (or CD).

List items

  • My favorite console, for it completed my gen. six collection, and I grew up playing Sega.

  • Plays my Cube games, and I can still access the Nintendo library. A bit gimmicky though.

  • First seventh gen. console. Plays my shooters, and Rare games. Although, Rare isn't that great now.

  • Mac or PC. I chose Mac, because of fast internet, and Steam games.

  • Second favorite console. Banjo, Mario, Zelda, Star Fox... good times.

  • Earthbound and SMRPG, nuff said.

  • Cross compatible with PSone titles make for serious win, but I just don't like Sony.

  • The Cube... my oldest console. It had a good run, but it stays in it's box these days.

  • One week played Halo at a friend's house, and the next I just kinda bought a Xbox.