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2021 Game Time

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  • It's fantastic.

  • I would put Endwalker but mostly I played Shadowbringers. In 2021 I finally beat UCoB (and UWU) and avenged my failure to beat turn 13 when it was relevant.

  • I've owned this game since about 2013 but only really got into it this year, thanks to it being one of about two games (the other being Hardspace: Shipbreaker) I could actually concentrate on for more than 30 seconds for a good chunk of the summer.

  • With this coming to GamePass I have played an unreasonable amount of solitaire.

  • Continues to be great. Despite the latest update coming out I haven't played since before then, so I'm looking forward to eventually doing that.

  • I played an ungodly amount of this early in the year and was absolutely hooked. I really hope it gets there in Early Access, and I want to revisit this sooner rather than later. I do think some of the priorities in what gets added and when are a bit weird.

  • I'm still hoping this will eventually be finished and be good, but chapter 2 of the story made me get back into this and replay through all the content (and more mindless ship tearing). Still satisfying.

  • At this point I'm noticing a theme in the types of game I play.

  • Very much a "one I mean to come back to", I was really into the scale of this. I just wish it had multiplayer.

  • I am too dumb to play this game well, but it's extremely cool. I ended two savegames by blowing up the furnace twice.