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Microsoft delivers good news and bad news to start the week

The week could not have started any poorer for Microsoft. The announcement of the $10 increase of Xbox Live turned the gaming community into a frenzy. This morning we get the news of the new 360 controller but then the bad news of the price.
However Microsoft did deliver the good news on the announcement of their Fall promotion called Game Feast. This promotion brings big titles such as: Hydrophobia, Comic Jumper and Super Meat Boy to XBLA in late September. Also on the news front Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury was just announced for a November release for XBLA. Bangai-O HD joins such titles of KOF:2002 UM, KOF: Sky Match, Guwange, Plants VS Zombies, Sonic Adventure who could all see a Fall and Winter release dates. 
It has been a up and down last couple days for the 360 however they have dominated the news fronts and I expect it to continue with release of Halo: Reach and the TGS Keynote.