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The Countdown to E3 begins today

Today Nintendo announced that they will have a new console that will be playable at E3 and will be out in 2012. This announcement officially begins the E3 countdown for me.

Nintendo will have a new console to show, they will show the next batch of 3DS games and maybe Wii's swan song in Skyward Swords.
Sony already has a stellar lineup remaining for 2011, they will give the full details to the NGP from launch window and also the important cost of system.
Microsoft is the mystery. We know Gears of War 3, Forza 4, and the next batch of Kinect games.

For Microsoft the lack of new hardware hurts them when it comes to gamers because we all want to hear about the new hotness. Does the hardware announcements from Nintendo and Sony forces Microsoft hand to show something for the future of the Xbox brand.

We will find out in June but the countdown starts now.