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An almost perfect modern RPG 0

Mass Effect is the newest game from Bioware, the usually space RPG game but this has more of a shooter twist to it. I love this game, it is a very accessible RPG game because of its heavy usage of guns, there are magic type abilities and tech abilities, which works very well and keeps the game fresh with new attacks. There will always be a party following you which is now pretty standard stuff for a stat based RPG. Ok, the plot for this game is simple but makes for compelling gameplay. Witho...

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Best XBLA game so far 2

This game is pure brilliance, from the amazing art-style behemoth in known for, to the hugeness of the game.Not to mention this game is so very fun and addictive. The main story is about four princess' who have been captured by this evil wizard, so pretty basic stuff.What makes this game even more enjoyable is the RPG elements that are used to level you and strengthen your character which from the beginning of the game you have four to choose from, each representing a different element. There is...

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A game that changed Third Person Shooters 0

Prologue I had first heard of this game at X05, a xbox 360 only convention, this game looked promising but the only footage really shown was a trailer. Fast forward 1 year to E3 06 where this game was shown off at the Microsoft press conference. This built up the hype so much that when I finally got the game I was ecstatic.ReviewThis game was truly the first next-gen game, from the free-flowing cover system to the amazing Unreal 3 engine, this game is truly spectacular, and is played by many peo...

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Perfect game for a growing console 0

i had only played numerous parts of all of the metal gear series, my favorite game in the series being MGS 2, until now.Of course I had high hopes coming into this game, from praise across all press, but I didn't know how special this game was until I really got stuck into the deep and rich story that is hard to follow in some parts but entertaining nevertheless. This is more accessible than other games in the series, this really helps newcomers get into the game.MultiplayerThe multiplayer compo...

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