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Montreal's Masked Avengers Prank Palin

The Masked Avengers (Les Justiciers Masqués), a comedy duo from a radio station here in Montreal, pulled a prank on Republican Governor and dumbass extraordinaire Sarah "I can see Russia from my house!" Palin.  They passed themselves on as French Prime Minister Nicolas Sarcozy.  Unsurprisingly, she didn't know who Canada's Prime Minister was and who Quebec's Premier was.  It is painfully apparent that this woman is clueless about a great many things.  Quite the vice-presidential candidate, wouldn't you agree?

Nonetheless, here's a link to the news article published on MSN:

Quebec duo prank call Sarah Palin

And here is a YouTube video featuring the prank call itself.


If the Republicans win the election and that John McCain's health fails him, I feel sorry for all of us.