Zen and the Art of Ruining a Community

General observations which are self-evident.

1) If you demand I take what should be a public debate to the PMs, you bet your ass I'm going to blog about it.

2) Communities with no rules cannot possibly be managed.

3) Being a mod does not make you unquestionable nor does it make you right.

4) If someone points out a legitimate concern in a reasonable way and you as a moderator react by simply taking the piss, they're going to be pissed off at you.

5) A biased Mod is worse than a fanboy.

6) Deleting liberal views but leaving debates about masturbation is nonsense.

7) If you're going to be a biased Mod, for god's sake don't go repeating the offense so we can track it.

8) Bannings without warnings are a dick move.

9) When The Staff have abandoned the users to the mercy of the mods, the users are screwed.

10) Bomb Should Have A Face*

11) I will always defend the little guy.
*And you bet your ass it will.