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@takayamasama: You're already in (welcome again!) but I'll still answer for everyone's benefit- I'm EST and I think a few others are as well, the server is CST so just an hour behind us- I'll usually schedule things for server time just to keep things simple.

@shivermetimbers: I think most everyone at this point is 100+, the pre-expansion event included a really nice opportunity at leveling characters quickly which helped people catch up most of their alts. We do have one other person currently leveling from scratch and a couple others somewhere on the spectrum so I wouldn't count it out completely. And there's always the LFG tool for dungeons and such.

PvP: Nothing guild organized, we're pretty PvE oriented. There's nothing to stop folks within the guild from organizing something on their own though, I could set up a dedicated channel for it in the Discord if there's interest.

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@sirdesmond: Added ya- you're welcome either way! New character, old character, boosted character, lack of character, everyone is welcome!

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@altf4_for_colors:Added ya!

@xanadu: Just logging in now, I'll grab ya if you're on. If you're not and I don't catch ya, feel free to /who The Taswell Crusade and nearly anyone should be able to invite ya! I do feel you on the PvP server thing- Day and I both spent some time on one and... well, we try not to think on it too much. We're too carebear-y.

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@jesterpc238: Added ya!

@dourin : Not too many yet I don't think, and noone planning on "main"-ing one that I'm aware of. Added so many people though I might have missed someone. Definitely not at "Lich King Launch Death Knight Orgy" levels yet though.

@rikiguitarist : At the moment, I think a solid DPS/backup tank would be great. I'm sure there'll be times when we'll need a tank to step up. Still feeling out what people want to run, so make sure to respond to the survey in the Discord.

As far as progression goes- we're going to start out Normal and work toward Heroic, but we'll see where things take us. Mythic adds a whole extra layer of raid logistics too, above my current plan of "Post a raid, let people sign up, take the first 30 that make up a working raid comp" (if we even get close to that I'll be shocked).

@madman356647 : Added you as well! You're more than welcome to boost someone, or just hang out in the Discord and participate in some cross-realm shenanigans.

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@southbound: Heya! Just got back in town from some business, we'd be happy to be a home for your alt! Sent you a friend request.

For anyone else with an Alliance character that can't bring themselves to roll on over to Icecrown/Malygos, that's totally understandable! Luckily there's still Cross-Realm Raiding! I've created a Discord server for the guild that we'll be using for communication out of the game and raid organization. Come join it! - https://discord.gg/eDVFYyx

That said, we've been getting a really good response and the guild has been growing nearly every day, so come join in the fun and get ready to kill a lot of demons!

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@plasmasti: Heya! We'd be glad to have any reformed Horde we can get our hands on. The core of the guild at the moment is my family (my wife, my brother and his longtime friend). We don't plan on going anywhere. We're still pretty early in the growing phases but we're gaining momentum and we'd be glad to have ya!

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@nux: You have to be on Icecrown or Malygos to join the guild proper, but if that's too great a hurdle we can always try to get you in on some cross-server raid stuff if we get to that point. We'd definitely be glad to have you on Icygos/Malcrown though! (I'm sure people use one of those names)

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Did I steal @shagral's formatting? Why, I certainly did. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Hey folks! Are you in the US and you've been wanting to play an Alliance character, but your guild has disbanded and people have gone their separate ways, so now you just log into your garrison day after day, run LFR when you can bring yourself to do it, and then log off to "play" Adventure Capitalist or whatever the hot new clicker of the day is? Well, stop making those numbers get bigger, and come help us make our numbers get bigger!

The Taswell Covenant is a new US Alliance guild based out of the Icecrown/Malygos "megaserver" (or whatever they call it). We're going to be a fairly casual guild so if you're itching for server firsts this probably won't be a good fit for ya. That said, we will be raiding in Legion, and we'll figure out a schedule that works for everyone once we have enough bodies to even worry about such a thing. Also, lots of 5-mans now that they're bringing them back into focus. My main has nearly 900 5-player dungeons entered, and that's only after they started tracking that stuff.

So come on in! We have a guild bank and tabard since that's something you always have to mention. Oh, and a Discord server!

Feel free to add me on Battlenet- Karthas#1129. Anyone in the guild can invite you if you message them ingame, but if you need someone specific I'm Diminutus, or try Daymia, Keir, Periah, or Kadesha. (add -Icecrown if you're creating a character on Malygos)

Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks!

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Anyone interested in US-Alliance? Currently based out of Icecrown/Malygos and I could be convinced to start up a guild again. Ran a fairly successful guild in Cata but fell of the horse, but I think the monkey is firmly planted on my back this time.

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Karthas#1129 - I'll be around and in the Discord