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Judging from the general consensus on the internet I must be one of the few people who doesn't replay FF:VII every few years- I've never replayed it since the initial release all that time ago. So them re-releasing the original version and adding trophies was enough to get me. I'm still curious as to how the remake will turn out, but I'm pretty iffy. Not sure I'm on board with Final Fantasy VII: Kingdom Hearts: Active Time Drop Battle Episodes 1-4.

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I partake in only the highest quality of artistic digital frivolities, harrumph.

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I wrote up a big bit about the anti-AC circlejerk, but I know the anti-anti-circlejerk is nearly as bad so I'll omit that and just talk about the game.

I've played ~16 hours so far since release, and I'm enjoying every bit of it so far.


  • Rope-gun: Perfect addition to the open-world parkour. Doesn't make it nearly as fast as an Infamous or Prototype, but helps speed things along just enough.
  • The Bounty Hunts that others don't like- having to plan out an exit path once you nab your target is a nice change of pace from the usual "kill the target and get out ASAP" missions.
  • Carriage driving is a lot more enjoyable than I expected it would be. Controls are nice and tight but arcadey- if you were looking for Horse Carriage Simulator 2015 you've come to the wrong place.
  • Lots of collectibles- it's an AC game, there are going to be collectibles to give you something to do in the open world. You don't have to engage with them if you don't want to.
  • No Companion App- nothing you have to do on your phone in order to accomplish things in the core game.
  • No Multiplayer - while some love the competitive multiplayer (I didn't mind the Co-op of Unity, when it worked), everything about this game is Single-Player focused. As someone with one multiplayer trophy away from Platinum in Black Flag, this pleases me very much.
  • Optional Objectives- so far, they've been tough (occasionally VERY tough) but fair. When I've butted against them, it's usually because I'm trying to cut corners or missing something fairly obvious.
  • The twins: Yes, Evie is great. But there's more to her than "She's a woman, and that's a 'Great Thing'." And there's more to Jacob than "Hurr durr I'm a man and Imma stab things wot with my pokey sticks". I play the twins like their personalities suggest- if I'm kicking in the door and slaughtering everyone in sight, I play Jacob. If I'm slipping in and trying to make my way through as quietly and precisely as I can, I play Evie.
  • Violence and "Near-Death"- Near-Death is a new mechanic, where you can get an enemy to an inch of their life and set up "Multi-kills", which are usually pretty over the top and gruesome. There are different "Multi-kills" for different quantities of enemies Near-Death (most I've gotten is a 5-chain I think, maybe 4) and different weapons, and they take some finesse to set up. The payoff is some of the most brutal and satisfying finishers.
  • The Thames. Open-world Frogger. Every time I have cause to run out along the boats it's pretty awesome.
  • First name trophy name I've laughed out loud to in awhile.


  • Parkour is still a bit unpredictable- it's gotten a lot better, but there'll still be occasions where I'm trying to run up a set of stairs and Jacob/Evie decide the most prudent course of action is to jump up on to a light fixture along the stairway.
  • Evading enemies on a carriage- I've yet to evade anyone pursuing me in a carriage. Seems the only way to resolve things at the point I am in the story is to get off the carriage and just start shooting everyone chasing me, and then hop back in and resume driving. There's probably something I'm missing at this point though.
  • Crafting/Inventory UI could be better. Switching characters ties into this issue, as switching dumps you out of the pause screen and you have to go back in. I've crafted multiple items that I'm not able to equip yet due to my level.

Those are my thoughts so far. I'm liking it more than Unity, and possibly more than Black Flag as it feels like more of an AC game than Black Flag was. We'll see how that hold up as the hours tick by.

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@hassun: While the subreddit as a whole is a general-purpose GB subreddit, this was just to coincide with the release of (and everyone's general obsession with) MGS V.

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@lukeweizer: I'm not sure on that myself- I sent you an invite, though it never gives me any feedback as to if the invite was successfully sent or anything like that. Probably an anti-spam measure or something.

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Bank is good to go- anyone I've promoted to Duder can access it for whatever you might need. Don't put anything in there you're not willing to give to someone else, as chances are someone else will use it.

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Got everyone up till this point- if you didn't get an invite, you must not have posted your PSN. One more person and we get a guild bank!

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My current team, comprised of personifications of the Saturn, Wii, Xbox, Playstation, Idea Factory, Compile Heart, Marvelous AQL, Nihon Falcom, Broccoli, CyberConnect2, and MAGES. are battling a personification of the R4 to save all video games. This game is JAPAN AS F&*# and I love it.

Just don't go into it expecting the greatest narrative experience since Citizen Kane, or something turning RPG mechanics on it's head ala Legend of Legaia. It's a modern JRPG through and through with all the good and bad that entails.

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I played FFVII at launch, way back when. I've since forgotten large chunks of the game and I'm looking forward to remembering it as I go along in the remake.

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Invited everyone up to this point: if you didn't get it, lemme know- thanks!