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No level requirements or anything- you have to be 10 to start your own guild but that's it. Invites have gone out to everyone- lemme know if you didn't get one, it doesn't show pending/sent invites so I'm in the dark there.

Also I fell into a Witcher 2-sized hole so I won't be on a lot, but I'll make sure to get folks invited as soon as I see them.

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Invited ya! I think. New to this system so I'm not sure it did anything- lemme know if it didn't go through.

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I went through a bunch of the threads on here and saw the usual "Well, if someone starts a guild" and "Is anyone starting a guild" posts, so I figured I'd get the ball rolling and keep the guild name the same as the PC group because BRAND SYNERGY.

Looks like I have to manually add folks, so feel free to leave a post here or message me on PSN - KarthasMI and I'll get you sorted. Once we get some folks in I'll pass out permissions and it'll go a little smoother.

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    RIP Vinny's table.

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    Ba-ba-ba can't be tellin' ya about how your saves be transferrin', but if yer skippin' The Witcher (1) you'll be missin' out on-a-some great NPCs bah-ba-ba.

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      Rob - 30/M/Japan. My hobbies include spinning gyros and stacking stuff.

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        @dryker@frostmute I was talking mostly about "Official Reviewed Games" ie: http://www.giantbomb.com/reviews/ . 2015 so far has been a year of 2s and 3s in that capacity.

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          4 months into the year for a game worthy of a score higher than a 3. Definitely been looking forward to this one.

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          Hey, something I can actually respond to! I was mugged, and rather violently. Long story of one of the defining nights of my life:

          So I was visiting my then girlfriend who happened to live one of the "not so great" parts of Flint, MI. I had also recently had my wisdom teeth pulled and was on all kinds of pain medication. I had just cashed my most recent paycheck and was visiting my girlfriend in order to take her out and treat her to something nice. As she was getting ready, I forgot exactly how much money I had on me (yay vicodin) and decided to pull out all $700+ to count it in front of her fairly skeezy roommate. Had I been slightly more sober, I would have realized that this was a huge mistake.

          At some point (non-major details are a bit hazy), my girlfriend decided she didn't want to go out and proceeded to walk me out. This should have seemed a little odd as she walked me out of the house the opposite way I had come in, and out the entry that had broken lighting and was therefor pitch black. As soon as the door to her apartment closed, I was set upon by 2-4 men who set about punching, kicking, and ripping at my wallet and keys. Once they had what they were after, they threw me in the closet of the entryway and ran, telling me not to come out or they'd "fucking kill me".

          The good part of being hopped up on vicodin while being beaten is you don't really feel it! The only other silver lining was that when they grabbed my keys the keyring broke and left me with the actual car keys and all they made off with was some dangly bits and a key to my office desk.

          After a couple moments I emerged from the closet through the outside door to find my girlfriend and her friend standing there, looking distraught. Being the naive, recently-beaten sucker that I was, I was primarily concerned about them, but they told me that they were fine and to just go, so I did. I remember driving to my friend's house as I lived some distance away from Flint, and the rest of the night becomes a blur at that point.

          It wasn't until some time later that I came to realize that the men were waiting for me and it wasn't just a random happenstance. I'll never know if the girlfriend was actually in on it though all signs kinda point to yes, but she seemed genuinely surprised by the whole ordeal. We stopped dating pretty immediately either way.

          I used the sudden lack of money to justify picking up a second job where this other girl I had recently started talking to again worked. We had a brief fling several years earlier much to her then-boyfriend's dismay and she was still seeing the guy for some crazy reason (it was actually a pretty abusive relationship and he was in jail at the time for statutory-raping a different girl). Really though, I was an 18 year old making Dot Com Bubble money at a local ISP so I didn't really need the cash but it made for a good reasoning for "why the hell are you getting a second job working retail". I went the long way around when working my way into a woman's heart. Long story short, this year we'll have been married for 9 years.

          TL:DR- Girlfriend's skeezy roommate (and possibly girlfriend) set me up to be mugged of my entire paycheck. Used mugging to justify getting a second much-shittier job where I stole my now-wife away from a creepy controlling pedophile.

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          7th Saga for the SNES. Multiple times. I'd get 40+ hours in and the save data would vanish or one of my siblings would delete it (a common occurrence with a lot of games those days). To this day, I've never beaten that game.