GOTY 2017

So any of the top 5 can be moved around at any giving moment if you ask me later, but man what a great year for games, took a while for me to compile this into a list. With 2018 almost over I noticed I hadn't officially submitted my 2017 list. I'm now realizing that last year was probably one of my favorite years in recent memory for games. Shitty year outside of games but an amazing year for me in games.

List items

  • Amazing game that hit me in the right places emotionally. I want go into it but it was the right game, at the right time.

  • What a love letter to Mario fans. I had a smile on my face the entire time playing this. Plus watching my Little guy (Eli)finishing it and seeing how proud he was, was one of my favorite gaming moments from last year. Even though some levels were a little meh and it had some pacing problems, it is still a magnificent game.

  • This game got me into Speed-running, a modern day masterpiece with some of the best music and style from last year. Mugman is my boy! LET ME PLAY AS MUGMAN IN SINGLE PLAYER!!!!

  • Best story in 2017, one of my favorite stories in gaming period...The way they weave storytelling into game play is nothing short of amazing. It is an absolute must play, in my opinion.

  • I thought this was going to be my #1 but getting away from it a little bit I think there are some minor issues that are aggravating more than anything. If you are looking for something super challenging but charming and atmospheric, Hollow knight is beautiful and the music is fantastic.

  • Just fun as hell. Plain and simple. If you have a switch it is a must own. Really fantastic Music.

  • It is a go to for the family, playing this with my wife and the kids is always a blast.

  • Its no Persona 4 and I didn't finish it(Plan on reconciling that) but man did it leave a really big impression. Another game with Great music and SO MUCH STYLE but I cant justifying moving it higher up my list having not finishing it. I will come back to it. Its just hard to play one game for 90+ hours.

  • Great game that I bounced off of at first but after I got used to the combat loop, had a lot of fun! Felt it deserved a spot on my list just for that combat loop alone, plus it is beautiful.

  • I don't know how Capcom did it but man they made a really good Resident Evil game again. Good job guys. A lot of fun and even though story took a giant dump by the end still worth playing.