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Conquered Games!

List of games that I completed (from the time this was created

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  • Completed it in a 2x12hr Marathon..being sleep deprived never felt better!

  • Completed it on the 360 in one sitting, was very interesting.. loved the sniper missions. Ending was great too

  • Really enjoyed playing it.. took my own time. Tried all possibilities only then proceeded to the next parts.

    Gameplay time : 44hrs, 37mins

    Completion % : 67.25%

  • Completed it on the 360 was great! controls were very irritating, but still the overall explosions and style was very enjoyable!

    Shortly put : Its like indoors mercenaries 2!

  • First PSP game I completed! Statistically speaking it was short (around 5hours) but never felt like it!

    Exceptionally good graphics I must add,overall game had "the total package" feeling to it.

  • Completed this on March 16

    Very Very good game! Very different and loaded with variety, surprising long and very memorable, played full in co-op with bro :D

  • Completed it on March 6th.

    As good as always very entertaining and full time pass. Played it with Sai

  • Completed on March 22nd

    Very atmospheric, Completely inspired from ICO :P but very good in its own right. Some scenes are still stuck in my head

  • Saw it on March31st

    Was practically GLUED to the PSP ( Siddhu's )the whole time, saw it while laying down, sitting, eating, walking even :P

    Never knew that Graphic Novels could be so good!

  • Completed on April 5th

    Took very long to complete, was pretty interesting, but didnt feel graphically as good as everyone said it was. But gameplay sure was the best part. A completely different experience. Had many memorable parts

  • Played : "The Boy who learnt what fear is" , Free Via GameTap on Sept 14th

    Felt like deBlob, had very low production value, was just OK, not that great at all.. however comical things were quite entertaining

  • Completed it during my Trip, Super awesome game, really good, and very addictive. Very simple gameplay, but tasking difficulty! 10+ hours to complete, Fought each and every boss and uncovered all locations before beating final boss!

    <a href="">#ReCoGa Tweet</a>

  • Completed it... dont remember :P

    Awesomest DS game!! Loved playing it very much, <a href="">Wrote a review for it too</a>, Made a <a href="">lots of videos</a> which got a collective 15K views!