What the hell happened to F-Zero?

SHOW ME A new... game... please......
SHOW ME A new... game... please......
Why hasn't there been an F-Zero game on a current Nintendo platform? The last console F-Zero game was released in America on August 25, 2003, and the last handheld F-Zero to come out in America was released on September 20, 2004. F-Zero Climax, the last F-Zero game ever released, was released exclusively in Japan on October 21, 2004. This means there hasn't been a handheld F-Zero game in seven years, and there hasn't been a main F-Zero game in eight.

Why was there never an F-Zero on the Wii or DS? Both systems were the first Nintendo systems to offer online, (not counting the GameCube which supported a whopping four games, only three of which were released in America) which would be a great addition to F-Zero! Imagine 30 players all competing in the same race, knocking each-other off the course as they all race for the finish! Imagine creating your own tracks and being able to share them and race on them with friends! I remember Miyamoto giving F-Zero as an example of a game that would utilize the Wii's Classic Controller, and I find it ridiculous that their one example of a game that would work better with the Classic Controller never happened.

With the 3DS out and the Wii U on the horizon, I'm worried that Nintendo is going to continue ignoring their fantastic racing series. Nintendo and their games have continually referenced the franchise during this generation, and I really hope Nintendo will one day remember F-Zero and release a new game that kicks as much ass as GX did. Nintendo could follow the trend of remaking N64 games by remaking F-Zero X for the 3DS and including the Expansion Kit content that was previously only released in Japan, (which let players create their own tracks and added two new cups) as well as adding online and track sharing capabilities, and an HD F-Zero with online for the Wii U would honestly get me to buy the console on day one. Come on Nintendo, don't let me down.