GOTY 2019

Congrats to DMC5 for swinging in at the last second to take the game of the decade award

List items

  • The best action game from the Heisei period

  • One of the best games RGG Studios has made, and the best of their efforts in the new Dragon Engine. Great story, a great cast of entirely new characters, and combat that finally feels fun for the first time since the engine switch.

  • The first actual Suda51 game in over a decade. This game carries his spirit from earlier titles like No More Heroes 1, Killer7 and the Silver Case trilogy.

  • Tetris Battle Royale. Like, come on.

  • Death Stranding is a really relaxing experience for the 90% of the game I'm left to my own devices to just explore and figure out the best path to deliver a given shipment. The 10% of the game with combat really drags it down though, and has frequently made me take a break from it. At the time of writing I'm still on chapter 5.

  • This game is the thing that's going to make me consistently exercise. The thing I struggle with when exercising isn't the exercise itself, but the boredom that comes with doing such repetitive tasks every week. By skinning these exercises as an RPG, the experience now has a level of variety to it that pushes me to want to actually jog in place and do a bunch of reps every other day. As Ben put it, it's tricking my dumb gamer brain into wanting to work out.

  • Teppen is an incredibly fun game... until you reach around rank B. At high levels the game then devolves into following the meta to a T, any time you see a hero you immediately know what their deck has in it. Up until this point I had a ton of fun, but after reaching it I straight up uninstalled the game. Would have been higher on the list if it could have maintained that balance from earlier but I think that's just an inherent part of card games. Also the real-time gimmick clashes with their netcode frequently and it's infuriating.

  • Apex is the best (shooter) battle royale I've ever played. Still couldn't hold my attention for very long, but I did have some fun.

  • It's Crypt of the NecroDancer, but with Zelda music. I played like an hour of this just so I could bump Astral Chain off the list.

  • Baba is Dull. (This game's fine I just kind of lost interest after getting stumped on one level)