My Favorite Street Fighters

Self Explanatory.

List items

  • Hugo is arguably one of the most intimidating characters in the series. His damage output is insane, he has gigantic range in his attacks, he can apply nasty pressure with his claps and 360's, and he has a ton of resets that can end a match if given the chance.

  • I love this dumb idiot. Capcom did a great job of fleshing out a Hugo/Andore headswap swap no one cared about decades ago into a behemoth that is both a blast to play, and actually competitively viable.

  • I never thought I'd end up actually liking Birdie. The character hasn't had a lot of time to really shine outside of the Alpha series and I've only ever spent a few hours playing the Alpha series. But ever since playing as him in Street Fighter V, I've found myself a believer of the Bird.

  • I picked up Hakan as a joke, but he surprised me with his fun oil mechanics and gimmicks.

  • Good pokes, wish I was better at charge characters though.

  • Rufus is a monster. The options he has after any divekick make him difficult to deal with for many characters. Combined with his Messiah Kick and versatile Ultra Combo, it isn't hard to see why he's consistently hovered around the higher end of the tier list since his inception.

  • Q is like Balrog, but infinitely cooler, more interesting, and way more fun to play as.

  • Dan is the only Shoto I'd ever think consider seriously playing.

  • Zangiefs limited tool set compared to other big body characters is simple, maybe too simple actually. He can get boring after a while, he's fun to play to shake things up though.

  • Vega's wallbouncing is fun to play with, even if you don't dedicate yourself to the character. He's got a cool design too.

  • Adon is loud, cocky, and annoying. He's pretty alright.