Things that scare(ed) me to death

I don't get spooked easily, but when I do, it's usually these assholes.

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  • Their screams and pelvic thrusts terrozied my childhood. I would mute my TV every time I walked through Hyrule's Market just so I could avoid hearing their moans and screams.

    Perhaps the worst thing about ReDeads is that once you trigger their iconic scream, you become paralyzed and are forced to watch them slowly creep toward you.

    Nothing short of some intense button mashing will save you.

  • The screams and taunts of this guy have been permanently engraved in my mind. The tension he added to the game was remarkable and I used to get nightmares about this guy devouring me.

  • They always sneak up on me and startle the shit out of me every time. The one's in New Vegas are especially nasty. Since Obsidian apparently decided that they weren't enough of a pain in the ass already.

    New Vegas also added several variants to the Deathclaw. Including one which for some reason loves following you into empty houses.

    Bring Stimpacks.


    MissingNo. is the perfect example of a "corrupted wish."

    It can be exploited to give your great things, or it can wipe your save data. The fact that this thing can only be encountered very late into the game just makes toying with it that much more stressful.

    That aside, a jumbled block of mashed up pixels can be oddly terrifying.



  • When this guy became a zombie in Banjo Tooi, it scared me to death. I don't even remember why. If it was the moans he made, the creepy arrangement of his theme, his invincibility, or the fact tht he actually talked to you while trying to kill you. I don't know, but this thing really bothered me as a kid.

  • In the Golems of Amgarrak DLC, The final enemy you face is a grotesque golem made up of flesh and bone. Except this thing doesn't look like any Golem you've seen before. It's disgusting and it literally made me sick to my stomach the first time seeing it.

    Seriously, one of this thing's attacks involve reaching into it's body and hurling clumps of organs at you. And to add to the adrenaline rush I get from fighting this freak, he also happens to be by far the most difficult enemy in the entire game. If his grotesque appearance doesn't get to you, the ruthlessness of his attacks will.

  • "I... I shall consume. Consume... Consume everything.."

    The fact that this guy was almost always visible at almost any point of the game is unsettling to say the least. I know I'm not the only one, and I'd bet most people would agree that The Moon is the first thing that people think about when they think of this game.

  • The Dead Hand mini boss is by far the scariest, most horrifying thing I've seen in a Nintendo game, and arguably any game. Its design is disfusting, creepy, and I hate it.