L.A. Noire's DLC

Man I'm itching to get my hands on LA Noire! It' s supposed to be out on the 20th out here which probably means it will be out around the 30th. But what about the DLC that is retailer specific? Will that happen in europe too? I wen't and did some investigative reporting and found out that gamestop will not be offering anything of the sort here in Portugal, just like it didn't for RDR

So I guess I'll probably have to buy it online. But with Sony's internet security compromised I wonder if that's a good idea. Thoughts?

Aren't we getting a little sick of the fantasy MMO?

Why aren't there any historicly accurate MMO games? Isn't this something that more developers should consider? I can think of a few periods that could be interesting to visit in a MMO, like the Roman Republic or the Cruzades, the Napoleonic Wars or even WWI and WWII. Instead companies start to craft their own world even if the lore they come up with isn't all that great. It's always the place that orcs and demons and dragons inhabit, and I Iove that, don't get me wrong, I played through the Warcraft games and got into WOW for awhile, but enough is enough.
It seems to me that the fantasy worlds created by companies don't have an obvious advantage over the real thing. But it's probably easier to stick with the tried and tested formulas: 
WWII ---> FPS/Strategy
Roman Republic ---> Strategy
MMO ---> fantasy universe
More than that, these fantasy MMO's have a gameplay that relies solely on combat. Sure they put fishing and cooking and weaponsmith professions in there, but is there really any gameplay bonus that comes from these additions? I believe it's just a matter of time before the MMO market starts shrinking, because the impact that WOW had is already wearing down. WOW membership is decreasing at this point, and its not because there are better MMO's out there, it's because people get tired of killing 6 Kobold Wizards over and over again. 
Besides, all the effort you put into your quests has virtually zero impact on the WOW universe.  In this last aspect I hope that KOTOR:OR does a lit bit more for the player than WOW did. 
It seems to me like these are the main flaws that plague the MMO genre: 
-Been-there-done-that Universes
-Next-to-null impact of the player on the Universe
-Repetitive combat-focused Gameplay 
Do you agree? Love some feedback.