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My Black Ops Analysis

First off let's list the guns that were in the trailer

MP5K w/ silencer
Famas (fully automatic) 
What i think is a xm177 (Vietnam era predecessor to the m4)
Aug (can be seen after the player does some face and neck stabing like uh uh uh uh uh)
a sniper that i would like to believe is the M40
Ballistic Knife (shoots a knife)

Things I Noticed

The camera from the beginning is kind of obvious well this may seem like a camper super tool notice that the mini map is not available well using it
At :37 to the far right of the screen you see a guy do a combat roll
At one part you see a missile launch off........ when they reveal the replay editor they show the first clip that was snowy but when they go to save it it says ffa on launch. maps with changing environments?
This looks promising we'll see on September 1st