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Elements I would implement in a Utopian game if I was Omnipotent

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  • To bring all the elements together, with polish and class will require a man used to leading a high pressure project with a history of contradictory aspects or features. This is that man.

  • I would also need a complete cowboy to fuck intricate plans, and derail finely laid details, with brilliance, enter Mr. 51

  • Suda has the experience with No More Heroes, but Kojima would help rein him in, allowing for a game that is very open, but detailed and interesting.

  • A rare location for open world games, but a fantastic city. Both working class and cosmopolitan, Chicago would be interesting to explore, modern day, nothing sci-fi or supernatural. But no urban saints row BS either.

  • though unseen you are obviously being observed from afar, and kept in constact contact via a

  • giving you direction and threats not to go to the police, possibly as a narration not unlike

  • but without the snuff overtones. The initial request given would be for a

  • bank heist like scenario, which goes wrong, leading to a fugitive situation. From this point the would be a stealth in plain sight, quest for truth similar to

  • but modern day all the time and without crazy powers or machines. and you have 2 choices on how to proceed, firstly you could look at a myriad of missions to earn money to pay the

  • or investigate the clues as to the identity and location of the kidnapper, but be careful to make sure he doesnt figure out what you are doing!