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Campaign was fine, but the multiplayer is where its at. 0

When you hear the words Uncharted 2 you usually think of that pretty PS3 game with the fantastic campaign and that nice, but okay multiplayer. When I hear those words, I think the complete opposite.Among Thieves campaign is explosive, action packed, thrilling and all the many words to describe a Michael Bay blockbuster, but in the bits between it's a little repetitive and boring. Not to say it's not fun and hilarious it's just it can be tedious in some spots. Sometimes I felt I was just doing th...

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Sticky man 0

 Just to clarify, I prefer this over Prototype. Now that that's out of the way I can talk about Infamous! The game opens up with a huge explosion happening in Empire City. You (Cole Mcgrath) are at the center of this explosion and are wondering why you suddenly have superpowers. The story only really gets interesting towards the very end which actually has one of the best twists I've seen in a game this gen. Really didn't expect it at all. Most of the characters are kind of bland like Tri...

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Short and sweet 0

 Thanks to the Valve throwing this out for free (thanks to the Mac on steam thing!) I've finally gotten a chance to play Portal. Wow, am I pleased. The games way of making the portals work is really something special. I'm surprised how inventive all the portals got throughout the game. Some of them really stumped me at points, but I got them all eventually. Of course there are extra challenge maps for players looking for more of a challenge. GLaDOS is definitely the best thing about thi...

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You won't be disappointed for one of 2009's best games. 0

 I think alot of people remember the flop Killzone 1 was. I remember borrowing it from a friend expecting a great game. I was definitely disappointed after playing the generic FPS. When I heard Guerrilla Games were making a second I didn't really care. But now after playing it, they sure have improved in creating videogames. Let's start with the campaign. After a short section where you walk through the main ship to your landing pod (not sure exactly what it is) you're thrown straight in...

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MGS2 is one of the first PS2 games, and one of the best. 0

MGS2 literally takes the Stealth genre and makes it its own. Back in 02 this game was the best of its genre, now it has been bested by some other games, and even its sequel. But this game still holds up even by todays standards.The Gameplay is astounding, fluid, and put at a pace so you can calculate what to do and where to go. The gameplay switches sometimes throughout the game, for example there is a section where you are escorting someone throught a flooded part of an area, but the gameplay u...

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Grind-Fest 0

I think everyone knows about World or Warcraft by now, This game is a Grind-Fest. Most quests involve you killing a certain amount of X, or retrieving an X amount of Y. Some people like this kind of stuff, I can stick with it but I'd prefer if they would add a few more type than that. The community in this game can be Either brilliant or down right awful. Depending on what Realm you choose, People can be so nice on one Realm but then on the other realm they treat you like dirt. The game play ...

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