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Witcher 2 to be sold through

The first brand new game to be sold through GoG will be CD Projekt's very own The Witcher 2. 
More info here: 
Hopefully it won't be overpriced like other new games sold through digital distribution. Seriously, CODBLOPS was 60 Euros on Steam, whereas the cheapest I could find it in brick and mortar shops was 30 Euros. Outrageous. 
So, will you be getting the downloadable version or the disk version?


Before you say anything about Heavy's voice

Poker Night at the Inventory trailer is out:

If you've already watched the Poker Night trailer, you might have noticed that Heavy sounds kinda weird. Just to reassure you, yes, it's the same original voice actor. It's only that first line that his voice sounds a bit off. If you watch it again and skip ahead to his second bit near the end of the trailer, you'll notice that he sounds just like he did in the Meet the Heavy video; it's his indoor voice.
I dunno why he sounded so wrong at the start, but I hope his voice stays consistent throughout the game.
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