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This week's games, downloadable style

The big autumn rush of games is still going strong, with a lot of great games coming out this week too.

Retro City Rampage (PC, PS3N & PSNV CrossBuy Combo)

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Take the original GTA games, throw in some NEStalgia and you get this. It looks and sounds the part, and hopefully it plays well too.

Joe Danger 2: The Movie (PS3N)

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After the premiere on XBLA, Joe comes back home to PSN with '10 hours' of extra material.

The Walking Dead - Episode 4 (PC, PS3N, XBLA)

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Not much to say here, this series has been absolutely thrilling and it's all about to come to a head.

Derrick the Deathfin (PSN3)

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Another platformer that's trying something different, doesn't seem to be getting much attention though.