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Developers I admire

These are the people who make my favourite games. Someone has to celebrate their existence. 
In no particular order.

List items

  • These guys have never made a bad game. Max Payne, Alan Wake; each one blew me away, especially the latter. The amount of work that went in: the writing, music, impressive visuals, they were all amazing.

  • Cing is dead. But before they died, they made some great games like Another Code and Hotel Dusk. Sadly, despite being interesting games that fully used all the unique capabilities of the Nintendo DS, and had some great stories with truly intriguing plots, they were just too niche for even a broad NDS audience of more than 100 million. Low sales are most likely the cause of Cing's bankruptcy, which was reportedly over 2 million Euros/2.9 USD.

    RIP Cing.

  • All I need to say is: Half-Life. Left 4 Dead. Team Fortress 2.

    As long as Valve is around, PC gaming will never die. All hail the GabeN.

  • Driver. Sure, it went downhill after the second game, but with Driver San Francisco on the horizon, they just might win me back. Hearing studio head Martin Edmondson talk about D:SF proves just how much passion there is for just making a game focussed on great car chases.

  • Crazy-ass obscure PC dev. These guys make original games with original ideas.

  • Gran Turismo. Definitely one of my favourite driving series.

  • There are so many great Sega games made by so many divisions that I'll just group them all together. Particular favourites here are Sonic games from the Mega Drive/Genesis, Crazy Taxi, Outrun, Valkyria Chronicles and Yakuza.

    Even if the game isn't developed by Sega, only published by them, it still has a certain feel most other games don't.

  • When I finally got my PS3, LBP was the first game I played on it, and what a game. It filled me with unbelievable joy. Same goes for the fantastic sequel.

  • Awesome Croatian dudes who made Serious Sam. Crazy enemies, cheesy one-liners and a terrific sense of humour. Glad that they're still around after all these years, and hopefully pumping out Serious Sam 3 this year.

  • The MGS series is one of the greatest ever conceived in video game form, and even though the talented Hideo Kojima is the head designer and producer, it takes more than one person to make a game, let alone an awesome game franchize. So here's to everyone at Kojima Pro who in any way or form over the last 25 years (in fact mostly before the formation of KojiPro) has worked on anything Metal Gear.

  • Four guys got together and decided they were tired of big companies and the way they made game. They thought games should be fun. After a long hard year of sharing a small office, being rejected by publishers and living on tea and biscuits, they released Joe Danger, a fantastic game that serves as a reminder of what a lot of games are lacking these days: good old-fashioned, colourful fun. Even after the game was released, they are still working on listening to the fans and adding new content.

    Much love.