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Games for June 2011

Some pretty sweet games coming out this month, just a simple list of the ones I need to get around to buying...

List items

  • Didn't get too deep into Torchlight, but it's given me a taste for dungeon crawlers. I've also thought the stories in Obsidian's games have been really solid. And co-op (plus split-screen)!


  • More co-op (and split-screen at that)! Looks to build upon the previous one, despite the change in developer.


  • Interesting premise + great talent (Suda, Mikami, Yamaoka) = great promise. Also, Alex's review assuaged any doubts.


  • Internet neon whale that you have to kill singly. Nah! Rez was fun so this should be too!

  • I dunno...just seems like the right thing to do...