Gaming Thoughts of July 16th.


Welcome to what is hopefully a weekly blog about my gaming habits and what I’m thinking. It will most likely be crap but w/e. '>_>

Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors


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Aksys Games recently announced a new game for the DS. It is titled “Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors” which sounds like a title of a B-movie. It’s a thriller adventure game developed by Chunsoft. My first impressions are that this could be a sleeper hit for adventure games on the DS. After playing through all 3 Phoenix Wright games, Jake Hunter, Time Hollow, and Apollo Justice this looks to bolster the already spectacular line up of adventure games on the DS.

You control a college student named Junpei who wakes up on a cruise liner in a dangerous conspiracy. He and 8 other people must work together before they drown. You have to solve various puzzles and make the correct decisions in situations if you want yourself and others to survive. There are also 6 different endings which make this a tad more playable than other adventure games.

I am looking forward to this release being a big fan of adventure games ever since the first Phoenix Wright came out, and I hope the localization is top-notch along with some rather interesting characters and a compelling story to boot.

Dragon Quest IX


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Dragon Quest IX came out this week and it’s getting very favorable reviews among game critics. It’s receiving an 87 score on metacritic. I have been considering picking up the game recently. The customization options tickle the creative side of me, and the old school RPG mechanics don’t turn me away like it does so many other people. While it may not have a story worth writing home, this will probably be the first RPG I pick up for strictly gameplay purposes. (I downloaded Final Fantasy V =P)  I have, for the record, never played a Dragon Quest game and I hear this one is an easier installment.
Growing up a Sega kid has made me want to play classic franchises from the NES/SNES days as if they were new. Missing out on great franchises like Fire Emblem, Dragon Quest, Zelda, and Final Fantasy has made me a little regretful of sticking with one console during my childhood. If there's anyone out there familiar with the series, what other DQ games do you recommend to a newcomer like me?

Super Street Fighter IV

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Lastly, after over 2 months of banging my head against the wall and ragequitting every 4 matches, I am beginning to feel myself improve significantly at Super Street Fighter IV. I now have three reliable combos as my main Sakura. One of them is “j.HP, c.HP, EX tatsu, Ultra 2”. It’s nothing much to a longtime veteran, but I feel incredibly overjoyed whenever I pull this off. All that hard work is paying off.

I still suck at actually winning games, but I’m at least giving my friends a run for their money. I still need to practice my techs and FADC, but that’s what another 3 months of training will fix up. =P I have many weaknesses, but my main problem seems to be Zangief and Chun-Li. Zangief just continues to grab me and take off huge chunks of my health, while Chun-Li seems to have an impenetrable defense. Oh and Ibuki...I just hate her. 
I still haven't touched much the ranked match mode yet simply because the little bit I have played I've had my ass handed to me by mostly everyone. Even flowchart Kens. T_T
If there are any Sakura players out there, tips would be appreciated. =)

However, seeing the EVO tournament this past weekend awakened a more competitive version of myself. Especially after seeing top player Justin Wong lose to a newcomer with a low tier character. This makes me dream that someday I can win with Sakura as my main, surprising the whole audience. Although Daigo predictably won (I ended up not seeing him win because of the shitty stream), that was an overall fun tournament to watch and I'm looking forward to dive a little further into the fighting game community.

Still on the subject of Street Fighter, I came across this sweet deal that I must take advantage of. I could always just give my brother Vanilla SFIV so it’s not a shabby deal at all.

So that’s pretty much all I have on my mind. Hope I didn’t bore you all or anything.