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Lame Never Looked So Good 0

Rage is as disappointing as it is good looking. idtech5 is undoubtedly an amazing piece of technology, as is every id built engine since Doom and quite frankly it is a shame that no one outside of Bethesda is going to be able to use idtech5.In terms of how things look as you play Rage on PC it is clear that id has succeeded in creating a beautiful looking game. Notwithstanding the technical faults once patched and drivers updated, my copy of Rage worked very well on my machine with the exception...

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Fun For Everyone? 0

Project Aces/Ace Combat might as well be a genre onto itself these days.To make a high fidelity flight simulator for a console is all but impossible. Making a game like Falcon 4.0, even on modern consoles, would require the developer to make concessions in terms of gameplay and controls to make things work on a console controller and the number of available inputs and keys.As to whether or not games like AC are flight sims is a debate for another time.As it stands here, ACAH is essentially an ac...

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A fun 40K Love Letter 0

Relic/THQ has built the first installment in what should become an excellent franchise that does justice to the 40K universe and fan service to those who love that universe whether it is in digital or tabletop form.Space Marine's narrative is nothing extraordinary but the genre does not beget great story telling. Where it does succeed is creating the right feel and atmosphere for 40K. the Imperium of Man has been described as Ancient Rome in Space, but the real inspiration comes from Victorian B...

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