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Mirror's Edge: Nothing if not original 0

I'm going to say this right off the bat: you probably haven't played a game quite like Mirror's Edge before.   The premise is simple enough: you are a "runner", pretty much a parkour infused courier delivering message behind the backs of the forces controlling the sterile, "big brother" esque city the game takes place in. The people in charge don't like what you do, and you don't care for them. The story itself is serviceable, but ultimately not really necessary in whether you will enjoy this ga...

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Grand Theft Whatnow? 0

 Ever since I fell in love with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, I have wondered the same thing over and over: why don't they do this game, but with cowboys? There was Red Dead Revolver, a linear, level-based game with some great multiplayer, but it wasn't the godsend I had longed for. Then Gun came out, a non-Rockstar title, that I must admit I enjoyed, but it was had a major lack in character. It felt dry and sterile, and all of the time, downright cliché. A few years down the road, rumors of a Re...

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