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Is the Sonic cycle finally over? 0

If you’ve been playing Sonic games for the past 10 years I’m sure this is one of the top questions on your mind when you hear that the next sonic is around the corner. It’s been 20 years now since sonic showed up on the Genesis, but he’s been through one tough ride for the past ten years. The transition from 2D to 3D hasn’t been very kind to him, or the fans of the franchise. Ever since his days on the dream cast Sonic’s been through one bad game after another, and for a while it looked like the...

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Rayman 0

These days it’s pretty hard to find a new and exciting 2D platformer no matter what system you’re playing on. With the advent of 3D gaming 2D platformer’s have all but completely evaporate from the main stream of video games. Today the field is dominated by indie developers and Nintendo’s large cast of platforming characters lead by a certain red plumber that who won’t stop setting and re setting the bar for the genre. But this time its Raymans turn to set a couple of bars of his own.When I firs...

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3DS E-shop finaly delivers 0

Developer Way Forward strikes again with its Mighty series, with their first title for the 3DS E Shop. Now if you're like me and bought the system at launch, you probably haven't visited the 3DS shop much unless you were picking up the ambassador games. Even if you did browse through a couple of pages on the shop, it might seem like Nintendo is just using it as a vehicle to sell its vintage software. However thanks to Mighty Switch Force and Pushamo the E-shop finally has some new must have game...

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sticking to standards 0

The words I’d use to describe Mario Kart 7 are “sticking to standards”. It’s pretty much a given that whenever there’s a new Nintendo system there will be a new Mario kart, no exceptions. And with the kind of sales the series gets, it’s a sure bet that, as long as Nintendo exists there is always going to be a new Mario kart, but is that a good thing? While the jury will most likely never be out on that one, I can say that Mario kart 7 will get the job done if you’re looking to have some fun with...

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