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  • Easily the best game of 2009, there's basically no contest or dispute to be had. A perfectly paced (and lengthy) single player experience that has elements of puzzle-solving, adventure, collection, and action. All of these aspects are just so gratifying. Tack on an amazing multi and you got yourself GOTY.

  • An amazing sequel for a mediocre game, this game combines the things the first game did well (Sprawling gorgeous environments, great ability to transverse and climb EVERYTHING) and cuts back on many of the things that made the first game lackluster (repetition, gosh-blasted flags). Together with a more interesting setting and cast, as well as a powerful story, this game shines. It's only a shame that it came out the same year as Uncharted 2 or it'd have a chance at GOTY.

  • I really wanted to put this at number 2, and it's extremely close with Assassin's Creed 2. I think some folks may forget this came out this year, since it was relatively early on. It does everything an open-world game should do, and avoids the pitfalls so common to the genre (repetitive qualities, feelings of nothing to do, lack of a strong narrative).

    Instead, inFAMOUS presents you with a wonderful narrative tying together a very 'alive' feeling city. This isn't the generic hordes of Prototype, it really feels like a run-down destitute city in crisis. Your action can shape the city, for good or ill, and also change the gameplay mechanics notably. It's an altogether very strong package that any PS3 owner should add to their collection

  • Not the best game of 2009, but certainly a strong contender. One of the very few solid RPGs available on consoles right now, this really shows that games haven't gotten too easy these days. It tries so many new things, and approaches a clever integration of multiplayer that 'always-on' internet gives us. The future of multiplayer in singleplayer games. It's worthy of #3 just for pioneering that frontier.

  • A terribly fun FPS/RPG hybrid with a unique art-style that really can just suck up the hours. Unfortunately plagued with bugs and glitches and some poor design choices that mar the overall package. However, the game succeeds at being FUN which is one of the things a game should really strive to be. It's not just Generic FPS 2000 like so many games this generation, it really manages to combine the two genres in a way that fans of either one will enjoy.

  • The only DS game on this list, but it earned that spot heartily. The DS has become the oasis for RPGs this generation, with current consoles possessing almost no traditional RPGs of any form. This game manages to take the fun-loving style of the previous Mario & Luigi games and just ramp it up. Arguably one of the most FUN RPGs I've played in a long time. Not gonna move you to tears like a Final Fantasy can, but you will have a smile on your face from beginning to end. The way it innovates the genre with action-oriented gameplay also earns it a spot on this list.

  • You know, frankly I don't like this game. I couldn't understand the hype about it, and thought it was one of the most mundane RPG experiences I've ever played. Final Fantasy, this is not. However, I can appreciate that not only is the game very very popular in other circles, it is popular for the right reasons. It's a very large sprawling Tolkien-esque narrative where your decisions shape the outcome of the world to some extent. It does have a very likable cast of characters to round out the game.

    The gameplay is, sadly, absolutely nothing innovative for the genre, nor is the story. The story could have been ripped out of a Tolkien-era fantasy novel word for word, which is just not acceptable in these days. It gets spot #7 out of recognition that not everybody agrees with my choices and it IS a terribly popular RPG.

  • Not a lot to say here, I've never been a big fan of Batman, or any other superhero type character. I find them extremely dull characters to base games around in particular. That said, Arkham Asylum is a fun game in SPITE of being a Batman game. This isn't "a good superhero game", it's just "a good game". Strong stealth/action and all around gameplay make this a very fun game.

    It doesn't rank higher on the list because it doesn't do anything exceptionally new, it just takes a lot of great core mechanics and puts them together in a really well polished package. Not much to say except check this out, even if you are like me and hate superheros. You'll find yourself pleasantly surprised.

  • It's a Final Fantasy Fighting Game. What else do I need to say, it's like Smash Brother done right.

    Square could have released the worst fighting game ever with this game, and still sold tons of copies on fanservice alone (like Smash Brothers). However, Dissidia manages to be a great fighting game in addition to being tons of fanservice. You have 2 characters from every game 1-10 (with one more from 11 and 12 each) that all handle in their own unique ways. Add the RPG elements of customization, levelling up, and equipment and you have a PSP game that you can sink dozens of hours into easily. Probably the best game ever made for the PSP, and it just happened to come out this year.

  • Yes, Half-Minute hero made a list that MW2 didn't for game of the year. You may ask why? Well, one of the two titles innovates, and it isn't a FPS.

    It gets points for being one of the most innovative games, period, to have come out in years. In addition to that, the game is unbelievably fun and will bring you back to the "good old days" of Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. However, it does it in such a frantic fast-paced way, that even non-RPG fans will love this one. One of the best titles on the PSP, and a great addition to the GOTY list.


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I know there's some controversial choices here, but that's my list.   
Honorable Mention goes to BlazBlue, which I desperately wanted to add to the list, but just couldn't justify it as being better than one of these 10 to me.  Fantastic game though, and the best console fighting game of 2009, easy.  I do recommend people check that out, even if it isn't in my top 10.